Makey Makey project reflection, my 52nd piece in 2017

We made a new special bin. When this bin is operational, when you drop a piece of trash into it, it makes the sound “you win ten points”.


The purpose of this is to encourage people to throw their rubbish into the bin.


Originally our machine was going to be a vocabulary computer but when we talked it over we found out that it was going to take forever, so we made this.


A challenge we encountered was when all the coding was lost! That really threw us off schedule, but we rebuilt it.


Another thing that I specifically encountered was concentrating. I noticed that multiple times during work that my brain began to wander and I started to get distracted. But each time I notice that, I quickly ask my team if there is something I can help them with.


A success that we are really proud of is when we first got our machine to work. It stopped working soon after but we will get it back up and running again, I’m confident.

End of year reflection 2017, my 51st piece in 2017

This end of year reflection will be the last for all my primary school years. That’s right! This is my last year of primary school before I go to high school. Last year here was definitely one of my favourite years here and there is so much to tell about it.

One of the things I remember are the camps we all went on. This year we went to camp Bridgewater and my favourite part of it was that my Dad came along as a parent helper. On the same camp we hiked, surfed, played games and played on the beach.

Another thing that happened this year was the projects we did. One of them was the Australian animal or plant adaptation project. My partner Josh and I were assigned the Australian mulga tree and it was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

And finally I really like all the speeches we did, for debates, SRC elections and my personal favourite Valedictorian speeches. I liked doing the Valedictorian speeches the most because I really put my heart and soul into it and it even got me into the top 3 for becoming Valedictorian.

So in conclusion I strongly believe that this final year of primary school was one of my best years of all.



Valedictorian speech, my 50th piece in 2017

Greetings fellow grade 6’s, teachers and parents. My name is Finn Darlington and welcome to the year 6 graduation for 2017. I just want to say that primary school has been an extraordinary journey and I know that I speak for all the students when I say that we could not ask for a better school to be in.

I and every other grade 6 here today have changed so much since we first got here in prep. At first we were small 6 year old preps who were timid and shy, now we are big, strong and courageous and are willing to do what is right no matter what.

There has also been a lot of challenges that have made us the people we are today, from the humongous storm and mosquito invasion of camp Currambine, to our first school concert when we were just grade 1’s. There has also been some things that we have loved through school, such as the multiple excursions we have been on: the aquarium, science works, IMAX and many more. There were also special visits from police, firemen, Helicopters, and there was that special Harry potter week we did for book week when we were in grade 4.

We have also made some mistakes and regrets in our time here. For example when I was in prep I went to the wrong classroom and then lied about it, but when my teachers found out I got in pretty big trouble. Another mistake I made happened just this year when me and my grade 5 partner Ryan had to present a project we were working on but I had to go home because I was sick so Ryan had to do the presentation by himself, which made me feel really bad. Theses mistakes may not have made me very happy but it built my character and I learnt from it. So a word of advice, whenever you make a mistake you should follow these steps: own it, apologise sincerely, fix it, learn from it, let the bad feelings go and give someone a hug.

We have also made some really good achievements. For example every time I have run for SRC rep of my class in my time I have always got it, which I’m really proud of but I stayed humble and didn’t brag about it. Another thing I’m immensely proud of is that I made it into the short list for school captain, I may have lost the position to Charlie but he still did a great job, well done Charlie. I am very proud of these achievements and I hope it’s inspired others to push their limits as well.

We have made friends here that we will keep for the rest of our lives, and I will treasure the memories I have had with my friends for eternity. I also need to thank them for helping me along the way, Charlie Rolfe for always making feel better when I’m down, Indigo Johnson for assisting me well through class and Ziggy Christofides for building my character by jumping out at me from behind the door over and over ….. and over again. These people made me who I am today, thanks guys.

All of my fellow graduates are incredibly talented and I’m 100% sure that every last one of us will grow up to do some incredible things. I believe that Ty when he grows up is going to give Usain Bolt a run for his money, I’m confident that Nicholas will grow up to be a master of technology, and I’m a billion percent convinced that Ryan is going to grow up to be a super funny guy, trust me I’ve heard him shout enough “what are those” to know that he has one whopper of a personality.

I just don’t have my fellow class mates to thank I also have to thank all my teachers through the seven years I have been her from my prep teacher Nicole to my Grade 6 teacher Ant and everyone in between Andrea, Dave and Jude who has now retired but we all remember her strong heart and dark humour and she is going to remain in our hearts forever.

The teachers have all taught us so much, it’s hard to believe that they may never teach us again. I also would like to say good job to the teachers for not just teaching all of us almost everything we know, but the way you taught us was just outstanding. You were strict on us to help get knowledge stuck in our heads but you all also made the learning really fun. In prep you let us relax after a long week of learning with Friday Fun, Friday is not Friday without Friday fun for preps that’s final, period, say no more, end of discussion. We all also liked the educational games you taught us and we all loved how you always put humour into our lessons.

And last but most certainly not least I have to thank my family. My Mum and Dad are both great people and I think without their support I wouldn’t be the person I am today or maybe I wouldn’t even be up here reading my speech to you. They have taught me so much. They helped me be able to control my emotions at a very young age and taught me the basics for writing, reading and other things so I was ready for school. They were also there to comfort me when I was feeling stressed or sad. So I believe this is one of the most important thanks ever, I love you guys.

It’s going to be really hard leaving this place, lots of us are going to lots of different high schools. I even know that a few of us have some sports scholarships, so good job to those people and may your future be sporty. I’m heading off to Mount Alexander College with a couple of other friends such as Nicolas, Martin and Asanta and some others too, but that also means that I will be leaving a bunch of other friends, but I will make sure we stay in contact and I want you to know that you all will be in my heart forever.

Our primary school days have gone on for 7 years but it just feels like 1 day. Graduating makes us feel like we just climbed a huge mountain and yet this is just our first step of life’s journey. A journey this school has prepared us for by instilling in us the values of respect, optimism, caring and collaboration.

So tonight I say good bye to this incredible school, I know I will never forget this place. The memories I have made here are endless and they will never be forgotten. And although the time for us to learn here is over we will always be students of Moonee Ponds Primary School because once an MPPS student always an MPPS student.

Thank you and good night.

100 word challenge 23, Sandwich, Battery, energetic, white, hurried- my 49th piece in 2017

I was happily eating my sandwich when suddenly the door a brook down and marched in dozens of big armed robots. I watched as everyone hurried to the exits, I rushed to join them but was overwhelmed by a strong feeling. I felt so energetic it was as if a battery was lodged into me. Then the feeling flowed to my hands edging me to point them at the robots. Suddenly a huge blast of white light shot at the robots vaporising them. Everyone starred at me as the police walked in. Everyone was as confused as me, Mum was right I shouldn’t have watched all those Max Steel episodes.

100 word challenge 22, picture of a guy in a black cloak- my 48th piece in 2017

I crept as silently as a mouse my long black cloak dragged on the ground. I saw my target up ahead and bent down low. I slowly approached walking on a ground blanketed with leaves and twigs but not one of them snapped or rustled. I was just a meter away from my pray now, I looked at her so fragile and happy, well that is about to change. I was hiding right next to her but she couldn’t see me, the time to strike is now. I leaped and tackled her to the ground! “Finn” she shouted and I laugh, it’s always so funny when you scare your sister.

100 word challenge 22, but where would we hide it all- my 47th piece in 2017

Deep in space, I wrestled with the controls, transporting stones with amazing powers. Galaxy Defence Inc was trying to get them hidden. “But where would we hide it all” they thought. They had multiple options: Doopar’s volcano, Dastron’s laser mountain or a duck (ducks are a lot different in my dimension). Eventually they decided on Rosin’s fortress. I was transporting them there but pirates attacked us, destroyed my security and now I’m on the run. I see a black hole and realise I have no choice but to fly straight into it. Even though I’m going to die I feel comforted that I’ve saved the universe.

100 word challenge 20, Flame, swimming, celebrate, white, tomorrow- my 46th piece in 2017

The day began with a class excursion to a park that was right next to a beach! Everyone was happily swimming until the bus exploded into flames. Then a man walked from the debris firing a gun at everyone. Everyone was terrified, we thought that we would never see tomorrow. Then I saw a woman at the barrel of the man’s gun! I ran in and helped her to safety. Then I felt a white hot pain in my arm, I was shot! But before the man could fire again I pinned him to the ground, once the cops arrived we all able to celebrate.

Onomatopoeia and alliteration, break in poem- my 45th piece in 2017

Blam goes my deadly gun.

Crash, splash my target falls into the pool.

Boom, Kradoom, my bomb detonates.

Thump, I land inside the vault.

Chunk, ching, the lock falls away.

rattle, goes the bag of jewels as I throw it over my shoulder.

Beep, Bweep, goes my walkie talkie.

“Mission accomplish” I say to my boss

100 word challenge 19- as soon as the door slammed I knew, my 44th piece in 2017

I was following my sister into the garage for some reason. She just said that there will be a surprise there. When we got there I couldn’t see anything, but as the door slammed I knew that this was all a prank. She’s probably trying to get back at me from beating her in checkers 3 times in a row. So I simply opened the garage, she obviously didn’t think of that because she ran into the garage shouting, so I did what any sane person would do, I closed the door on her.

100 word challenge 18- picture of feet sticking out of water, my 43rd piece in 2017

Drake was just walking down by the river one day, with not a care in the world, thinking about going into high school in just a few weeks. Then he heard a shout for help, he ran to where he heard the shout and ran to the scene to see a little kid getting picked on by a big bully. Drake told him to go away but the bully lunged at him, but drake ducked down and kicked him over his head, and the bully landed head first in the dirty water. The boy thanked him and soon he was famous around his school.