Personal learning My 27th piece in 2014


My learning goals were:

.To use paragraphs in my writing.

.To work on spelling.

.To edits my writing carefully.

This semester I have achieved:

.Every time I write now I use paragraphs.

.I can spell in my writing correctly but I still underline hard words.

.I can now look at my words and see if they are right or rough then I can edit them.

The strategies I used achieve them:


.I achieved using paragraphs in my writing when the subject changes.

.I achieved to listen to the words and look the spelling correctly.

.To gets a dictionary and looks them up.


A challenge I overcame was:

Finding people to play with. This was hard because everyone was playing something fun and I could not decide.

The Funny Ciurcus My 25th piece in 2014

The clown ran around and fell on the ground.

Then he ran to a man and honked him on the nose.

Then he ran backwards and tripped over a ball.

But when he fell backwards he balanced on his toe.

Then an elephant came along and helped the clown up.

Archery My 24th piece in 2014

Whoosh! My arrow cut through the air like a Peregrine falcon “Yes”! I shout . Both my arrows hit the target so my total score was 1200 points. Whoosh, Whoosh, Thank! On my second attempt I got a bullseye and the 300 point mark (which is the blue bet on the target).

My next one flew like a wonky rocket and didn`t hit the target at all but my second arrow hit


The 100 point mark (which is the red bit). Every shot I did next didn’t hit the target at all I felt very annoyed.

The next one I hit the bullseye and the blue bit. After a few more shots I counted up my score and they added up to 4000 points. I left the area with my group with pride and maybe I was the only one with an exacted number of points.


Lost My 23th piece in 2014

“Oh-no”! Said a lost hiker. “Maybe I took a rough tern in that last bend in the river”. He said as he stared off a cliff wondering what to do next. “Wait if I took a rough tern maybe I can figure out where I took it and go the right way. So he climbed down the cliff and searched for the river but he could not find it even with his campus he didn’t find the river suddenly a giant tiger leaped out of the bushes.

He leaped back just in time. The tiger landed with a thud he stated taking turns and the tiger lost him.

Finely he found the river but it was over another river “how will I get across”.

Then he found a vine and swung across the river and then he looked for the right river. After a long time he found the right one and puddled back to camp.

A Cold And Windy Night My 22 piece in 2014

Once upon a time we were home along. It was a cold and windy   Friday night. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I creped toward the door and with a trembling hand I slowly opened the door.

Then suddenly out of the shadows leaped a giant hooded figure. I was so startled I fell backwards. He approached me slowly “how are you I said slowly. “I am a robber!” he said in a spooky voice.

“And today is a special day” “what is that? “You’re dying day Beno” “how did you know my name? I asked WHATEVER he roared as he tried to stab Beno.

Beno quickly got up and raced out the door and into the forest. After a while of chasing Beno herd howling. “Wolves”! He cried the pack slowly came into view. He ran around them all and up a tree. The robber saw him. “No-where to go now so say good buy”. But as he came closer he stepped on one of the wolves tails.

The wolf howled in pain then all the wolfs lunged on to him and eat him up and while they were eating Beno snaked down the tree and ran back to the house.

Beno fawned his family in the barn the “the robber is dead so let’s go to bed. His agreed and they went into the house to get some chocolate milk. After a game of Uno we brushed are teeth read story’s and went to bed


Poetry unit My 21 piece in 2014

Old mother hubboard

Went to the cupboard

To fetch her poor dog a bone.

But when she got there

The cupboard was bare.

And so the poor dog had none.


She went to the beach

To catch some fish.

And when she got back

The dog was a dish.


She went to the hard ware

Store to buy a hammer.

But when she got back

The dog was throwing spanners.


She went to the bookstore

To purchase a book.

But when she got back

The dog howled.

Goals for term 3 My 20 piece in 2014

Work and study:

.To Listen.

.To uses all 4 mathematical equations.

.listen to words in spelling.

.To learn to use my blog correctly.

.To get prepared for year 4.

List examples:

.Break the word up.

. Watch how grad fours work.

. To put down everything in my hands.

.To go on my blog every once in a while.


Fun and Friendship:

.Give your partner clues for harder work.

.Encourage them.

. Help them with tough games.

List example:

.Say “you can do it”

.Say “it states with a p”

.Get their attention by waving my hands.

My journy to the top My 19th piece in 2014

I walked around clip and climb my head turning this way and that looking for a new mall to climb.

I looked at a net with a ladder on the bottom I decided to climb it. I could for my mum to check that I was clipped in securely. She said I was in securely and I began to climb. Alaska saw me a ran over to watch. I climbed and climbed and climbed.

Finely I got to the top but I was terrified I pressed the button with a trembling hand and I heaped down.

After the leap down my mum and Alaska came running and gave me a huge hug I knew they were proud of me.

Finely our hour was over the bell gone and everyone put their harnesses in the tubs and went out. But before we went I got a gingerbread man and Alaska got an ice-cream heart after we eat them we went home.

How to train a Dragon My 18th piece in 2014

Materials: To train a Dragon you will need

  1. Fishes.
  2. Shield.
  3. Saddle.
  4. A far from home place.
  5. The gift.
  6. The Dragons trust.
  7. Search kit which includes telescope and compusts.
  8. A Dragon.
  9. Woden dummy.


First use your searching kit to find a dragon. Then get the shield and hide behind something. Then use your gift (the thing you use to train it without getting your head set on fire) to gain the dragons trust. Then take it to a far from home place. Then put on the saddle on its back and put the strap around its belly. Then teach it to fly (by example) (showing it) Then teach it to breath fire (by making it angry) (by waving things it doesn’t like at like eels worriers and kings) (that are fake). Then bring back to village and explain that he is nice. Then pass on the tradition by teaching someone else. Then hope they use it well.