A Cold And Windy Night My 22 piece in 2014

Once upon a time we were home along. It was a cold and windy   Friday night. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I creped toward the door and with a trembling hand I slowly opened the door.

Then suddenly out of the shadows leaped a giant hooded figure. I was so startled I fell backwards. He approached me slowly “how are you I said slowly. “I am a robber!” he said in a spooky voice.

“And today is a special day” “what is that? “You’re dying day Beno” “how did you know my name? I asked WHATEVER he roared as he tried to stab Beno.

Beno quickly got up and raced out the door and into the forest. After a while of chasing Beno herd howling. “Wolves”! He cried the pack slowly came into view. He ran around them all and up a tree. The robber saw him. “No-where to go now so say good buy”. But as he came closer he stepped on one of the wolves tails.

The wolf howled in pain then all the wolfs lunged on to him and eat him up and while they were eating Beno snaked down the tree and ran back to the house.

Beno fawned his family in the barn the “the robber is dead so let’s go to bed. His agreed and they went into the house to get some chocolate milk. After a game of Uno we brushed are teeth read story’s and went to bed


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