Archery My 24th piece in 2014

Whoosh! My arrow cut through the air like a Peregrine falcon “Yes”! I shout . Both my arrows hit the target so my total score was 1200 points. Whoosh, Whoosh, Thank! On my second attempt I got a bullseye and the 300 point mark (which is the blue bet on the target).

My next one flew like a wonky rocket and didn`t hit the target at all but my second arrow hit


The 100 point mark (which is the red bit). Every shot I did next didn’t hit the target at all I felt very annoyed.

The next one I hit the bullseye and the blue bit. After a few more shots I counted up my score and they added up to 4000 points. I left the area with my group with pride and maybe I was the only one with an exacted number of points.


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