How to train a Dragon My 18th piece in 2014

Materials: To train a Dragon you will need

  1. Fishes.
  2. Shield.
  3. Saddle.
  4. A far from home place.
  5. The gift.
  6. The Dragons trust.
  7. Search kit which includes telescope and compusts.
  8. A Dragon.
  9. Woden dummy.


First use your searching kit to find a dragon. Then get the shield and hide behind something. Then use your gift (the thing you use to train it without getting your head set on fire) to gain the dragons trust. Then take it to a far from home place. Then put on the saddle on its back and put the strap around its belly. Then teach it to fly (by example) (showing it) Then teach it to breath fire (by making it angry) (by waving things it doesn’t like at like eels worriers and kings) (that are fake). Then bring back to village and explain that he is nice. Then pass on the tradition by teaching someone else. Then hope they use it well.

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