Lost My 23th piece in 2014

“Oh-no”! Said a lost hiker. “Maybe I took a rough tern in that last bend in the river”. He said as he stared off a cliff wondering what to do next. “Wait if I took a rough tern maybe I can figure out where I took it and go the right way. So he climbed down the cliff and searched for the river but he could not find it even with his campus he didn’t find the river suddenly a giant tiger leaped out of the bushes.

He leaped back just in time. The tiger landed with a thud he stated taking turns and the tiger lost him.

Finely he found the river but it was over another river “how will I get across”.

Then he found a vine and swung across the river and then he looked for the right river. After a long time he found the right one and puddled back to camp.

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