My journy to the top My 19th piece in 2014

I walked around clip and climb my head turning this way and that looking for a new mall to climb.

I looked at a net with a ladder on the bottom I decided to climb it. I could for my mum to check that I was clipped in securely. She said I was in securely and I began to climb. Alaska saw me a ran over to watch. I climbed and climbed and climbed.

Finely I got to the top but I was terrified I pressed the button with a trembling hand and I heaped down.

After the leap down my mum and Alaska came running and gave me a huge hug I knew they were proud of me.

Finely our hour was over the bell gone and everyone put their harnesses in the tubs and went out. But before we went I got a gingerbread man and Alaska got an ice-cream heart after we eat them we went home.

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