Make you own fire extinguisher My 17th piece in 2014


.A glass/plastic jar.

.A coffee/honey jar.

.A metal lid.

.A hummer and nail to punch a hole in the lid.


. Bicarb –soda.

. Vinegar.

. Bottom of a match box.



Go outside then pour the vinegar into the jar almost to the top. Fill the match box with baking soda and then carefully float the full matchbox on the vinegar in the jar. Put the lid on carefully without tipping the jar. Put your finger over the while you turn the jar upside down and shack it hard. Take your finger off and point the foamy mixture at your pretended.

Real fire extinguishers work the same way but the two ingredients can stay separate inside the container for a long time.

Making a Pizza My 16th piece in 2014

Goal: Can I write a protocol text of cleaning your teeth.

  1. Get a tooth brush.
  2. Put tooth paste on it.
  3. Get a timer.
  4. Set the timer for two Manets.
  5. Press the timers start button.
  6. Start to brush in a sentient order.
  7. Brush until the timer stops.
  8. Wash your tooth brush.
  9. Dink some water.
  10.  Use the rest to rinse and spite in the sink.

How to brush your teeth My 15th piece in 2014

Goal: Can I write a protocol text of cleaning your teeth.

  1. Get a tooth brush.
  2. Put tooth paste on it.
  3. Get a timer.
  4. Set the timer for two Manets.
  5. Press the timers start button.
  6. Start to brush in a sentient order.
  7. Brush until the timer stops.
  8. Wash your tooth brush.
  9. Dink some water.
  10.  Use the rest to rinse and spite in the sink.

Goals for term 3 my 14th piece in 2014


.Edit work.

.Take time and not rush.

Neater handwriting.


List example of things I could do to show that I am meting these goals.

                 .Stop and think.

.Slow down and reread what I have done.

Fun and Friendship.

.Help my partner with difficult words.

. Show them their mistakes.

.Help them out.

List examples

. Look over their work.


The most realxed animal I know My 13th piece in 2014



1st argument

2nd argument

3rd argument

Link back

Turtles are my animal. They might be slow (the second slowest mammal in the world in fact) but they are not boring.

They are the longest living thing ever (they can live up from 1 to 150 years old).

The female is bigger than the male and lays up to 1 to 30 eggs.

People sometimes get confused with turtles and tortoises but here are two main reasons to tell which is which:

Turtles live in water and tortoises live on land. Turtles are small and tortoises are big.

So you shouldn’t ever jug anyone by their actions.

They personally might be nice. For example on a show a woman didn’t like crocs she thought they were mean but she found out that they were really protective .That’s why I think the turtle is the most relaxed animal in the world.

Infoemation report on grassland biome my 12th piece in 2014


1st –Name,Where.

2nd –Features.

3rd – what lives.

4th-nonliving things.

5th –Summary.


Name where.

My habitat is the Grassland. They are in Africa north and South America and Erupt.


Grasslands look like a big open panic of grass with a small amount of trees and a lot of flammable things.


Animals like Lions, Giraffes and Aardvark live there .They eat insects meat and leafs for food. They dig burrows protected each other in herds or been protected by the meals. The order in the food chain goes Lion Aardvark then Giraffe.


Non-living things

Non-living thing can help animals survive. It could be homes protection or nurseries.


Grasslands have all of that. They come in different shapes and sizes. They have lots of plants and animals and can be called different things like savannah. Grasslands are all over the world from America to Africa. Some Grasslands have a little water and it makes the grass yellow.



Book: Catherine Bradley wrote it. Life in the plants, grassland,

Two-can publish, 1991.


http://www.enchanted learning. Com biomes, 25/6 2014.

Personal Report My 11th piece in 2014

. Learn to listen.

.Edit my writing carefully.

.Include myself in my work without making my parents do it.

This semester I have achieved

I have achieved listening but I still need to work on it.

I have achieved editing my writing match better than last term.

I have achieved including myself in work and not letting my patents does all the work.

The strategy’s I used were.

.Looking at the person that I’m talking to.

.I underlines words that look incorrect.

.To work away from my parents.

A challenge I overcame was

.Finding facts for my biome this was a lot of work.

Finn’s Autobiography My 10th piece in 2014

MY name is Finn. I was born in Houston Texas in America. I was born on the 23’rd of June in the year 2005. I live with my mum dad and little sister Alaska. I am 9 years old.  My whole name is Finn Alexander Darlington. My school that I go to is Moonee Ponds Primary school [it used to be Central but they changed it].

My middle name is named after my great grandfather because his name is Alexander. I got my name from a man named Rockfinnron but my parents shortened it down to Finn


Everyone should learn to cook my 9th piece in 2014


. Yes.

.1st Argument-Invent new meal

.2nd Argument-cook for children

.3rd Argument-Become a cooking teacher


I think that everyone should learn to cook.

My first argument is when you get yoyos to it you can get the opportunity to invent a new kind of meal and if you are lucky it might become world famous.

My second argument is when you grow up you half to feed the children because if you do not feed them they might be scarred of starving to death.

My third reason is when you think your dishes are good you could become a teacher

That is why I think that everyone should learn to cook.


A Present my 8th piece in 2014


. When/ where/ who.

“Hooray”! I earned a new book today (by swiping all the leafs of the deck) It is a Captain Underpants book it was the second book `Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets!

I started to read. Exactly when I got to the part when the kid was presenting his invention the patsy 2000 I heard a little ding the next thing I knew the pasty 2000 was right behind my bed I went over to look at it. Suddenly I tripped the book went flying across the room and landed on the pasty 2000. Lightning bolts emerged from the bottom and created a giant tornado. Books and papers went flying. It blew me out of the door and blow it closed. I realized that I must have got knocked out. How else would I be waking up when I was not asleep? I got up and opened the door slowly.

Then out of nowhere leaped a talking toilet I leaped back and ran down the stairs. “Mum dad” I shouted “there are talking toilets in my room”.


Said my mum and dad

“What is going on here”? Asked my sister who was just coming out of the bathroom. “There are talking toilets behind you” my sister cried. I turned around just when a talking toilet was about to eat me.

I fell backwards and I landed right at the feet of the turbo toilet 2000. Suddenly my father mother and sister started to scoop up handfuls of compost and tost them into the talking toilet’s mouth’s when they were all dead I jumped up onto the table then dumped the rest of the compost into the turbo toilet 2000’s mouth. Then it fell down dead. Then I rushed up stairs and hid the pasty 2000 in my wardrobe after turning it off so it could not copy anything ever again.