100 word challenge 5, my 11th piece in 2016

Hi it’s Finn again. If you read one of my hundred word challenges  you might know some stuff about me.  Now I’m going to tell you some new stuff about me. Firstly, I don’t usually lie. I also stopped taking sweets and chips without asking (we actually don’t have many chips in the house so taking some could be tricky). I also like to read books like: Ninja Meerkats, the 39 clues and Zeke Meeks books. I also LOVE SCREENS! Especially the I pad, because I Can play cool and fun games on there like angry birds go. So thanks for listening.

B.T.N 3, my 10th piece in 2016


  1. You have to be 18 to vote in Australia.
  2. Bill Shorten recommended changing the rules about voting.
  3. 400,000 18 to 24 year olds are not voting for stuff.



  1. Why can people in other countries vote at the age of 16?
  2. Why do politicians make people vote?



  1. I wonder what the world will be like if anyone could vote whatever age they are.



B.T.N 2: constitution, my 9th piece in 2016


  1. A constitution is the most important legal document in Australia.
  2. The constitution has all the ways Australia runs in it.
  3. Aboriginals were firstly not coined as Australian cidizens



  1. Why is making a simple club so complucated.
  2. Can the constutution be changed by the president.


  1. Why did Australia firstly dis count aboriginals as Australian cidizens.

100 word challenge 4, my 8th piece in 2016

Bzzzzeeeeerrrrrrttt, a connection in the lights must have broken, why else would have all the lights in Macterain Primary School would have turn off? Soon after the lights went out an announcement started “Attention everyone I know things look bad but don’t panic we’ll have the lights fixed immediately”. The mechanic rushed up to the control room to see what was wrong and it turned out that a power cable had fallen out of place, so the mechanic plugged it back in. As soon as he did the lights came on and even though he was way up high he could hear cheers down below.

100 word challenge 3, my 7th piece in 2016


A conversation between three men has started. I think that one person is the leader of Africa, one person is the leader of China and one person is the leader of England judging by their clothes. “I think that we should join countries” said the leader of China .”Me too ,because we all have good supplies for helping people to live: like food, water, clothing and homes to live in” said the leader of Africa. “Maybe joining countries can help our citizens more than we thought,  hands up for joining counties” said the leader of England, then everyone put their hands up.

B.T.N-Australia Day My 6th piece in 2016


1: Captain Cook declared Australia a British colony in 1770.

2: Australia Day was originally  called Foundation Day.

3: Professor Ian Frazer won the Australian of the year award for inventing a cure for cervical cancer.



1: How does a person become the Australian of the year?

2: Why did Foundation Day become Australia Day?



1: What would Australia look like if the Europeans never found it.




S.R.C application, my 5th piece in 2016

Hello 5/6A if you chose me to be your S.R.C rep you would have made the greatest decision in your whole life and in case you don’t believe me here are some reasons why.


My first argument is that when I was in grade 4 I was in S.R.C, so I have some experience. For example: I know what to do in S.R.C, I know how it works and I know what it takes to be a good S.R.C rep.


My second argument is that I have lots of very good ideas and I’m not afraid to put them out there. For example when we were doing the end of term sports day last year I said some really cool ideas, and every last one of them worked out unbelievably well.


My third argument is that I am very calm and ready to help anyone out for what every reason. For example if someone needs ideas for a book they’re writing I would give them some ideas or if someone fell down and hurt their leg I would help them out, and I will help out people with following the school values by using myself as an example.


So their you have it those are my awesome reasons why you should pick me as our class S.R.C rep, but don’t just vote for me so I can be happy I want you to vote who you think would be the best chose.






Buddy letter, my 4th piece in 2016

Hello buddy,

My name is Finn Darlington and I’m in grade 5.

I am 10 years old and I can’t wait to be your buddy. I play piano and drums; I also do swimming and martial arts.

I have a little sister named Alaska who is in grade 2. I love to read, imagine and play down ball.

Here is a picture of me picking berries in Apollo Bay.



100 word challenge 2, my 3rd piece in 2016.


My superhero is Iron man. He wears amour that can fly and shot out repulse rays, he also can fire missiles from any part of his amore. His secrete identity is a man named Tony Stark how runs a company called Stark Industries. His back story is when he was on a business trip when he was cot in an explosion, a big piece of metal was logged close to his heart then he was captured by a warlord and taken prisoner. So in the prison he built the first Iron man suit to protect his heart and help him escape. So that’s Iron man.

Persuasive text my 2nd piece in 2016

Dear Jude, you are extremely lucky to have me in your class and in case you don’t believe me here is some reasons why.


My first reason is that we have lots of things in common.


For example we both love to read, write and meet other people.


My second reason is that I am very helpful and like helping out others.

For example I am not afraid to stand up for what I think is right and I enjoy helping out others with something that is hard for them.


My final reason is that I have a great imagination.

For example I can give you new ideas for things that could help you and that class do things better.

Well, there you have it. Those are the reasons why you would like me in your class.