S.R.C application, my 5th piece in 2016

Hello 5/6A if you chose me to be your S.R.C rep you would have made the greatest decision in your whole life and in case you don’t believe me here are some reasons why.


My first argument is that when I was in grade 4 I was in S.R.C, so I have some experience. For example: I know what to do in S.R.C, I know how it works and I know what it takes to be a good S.R.C rep.


My second argument is that I have lots of very good ideas and I’m not afraid to put them out there. For example when we were doing the end of term sports day last year I said some really cool ideas, and every last one of them worked out unbelievably well.


My third argument is that I am very calm and ready to help anyone out for what every reason. For example if someone needs ideas for a book they’re writing I would give them some ideas or if someone fell down and hurt their leg I would help them out, and I will help out people with following the school values by using myself as an example.


So their you have it those are my awesome reasons why you should pick me as our class S.R.C rep, but don’t just vote for me so I can be happy I want you to vote who you think would be the best chose.






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