B.T.N 6, my 17th piece in 2016


  1. In Queensland school students are making cheese with chemistry.
  2. Making cheese is harder than it looks.
  3. After adding ridded to milk it makes clumps which cheese is made of.


  1. How many types of cheese are there in the whole world?
  2. How long does it take to make cheese?


  1. I wonder what Griffin’s favourite food would be if cheese never existed.

100 word challenge 8, my 16th piece in 2016

“Uuuurrrrrrrggggg”. School, I hate school it’s boring, and today were talking about government and what it takes care of which is lame. Today it was rubbish removal and we had to look at a picture of bins. After that torture section we went out to play which pretty much saved my life. The only problem was that recces was only 20 minutes long and before I know it we were back inside our classroom. When we all sat down the teacher started talking about other lame government stuff. I prayed the universe to save me I know it’s probably fail but I don’t care.

B.T.N 5, my 15th piece in 2016

Facts: 1: You learn about atoms in the last few years of high school.2: A substance made out of one atom is called an element.3: Primary school science is mostly about the world you see.

Question: 1: Why do children have to learn about atoms? 2: Would the world not exist if atoms where not real?

Wondering: 1: I wonder how small an atom is.


100 word challenge 7, my 14th piece in 2016

I was at the zoo in the reptile exhibit and I had the chance to amaze my friends by touching a boa constrictor. I was so scared I felt like screaming like a little girl but I put that feeling into the garbage. Slowly I put my hand into the box and felt its scaly smooth skin. Suddenly I felt it move I was unbelievably scared of the thought that in a few seconds the constrictor’s body swirl around my arm. But after a few seconds it stopped moving. After my friends cheered we went home and I wrote about my exiting adventure.

B.T.N 4: passing the bill, my 13th piece in 2016


  1. Some parts of the bill can be changed in the house of representatives.
  2. The house of representatives is making new laws every day.
  3. For a bill to become a law it has to be discussed by  two rooms in the Parliament House: The House of Representatives and The Senate.


  1. Why does it take so long for a law to be made?
  2. Why does the governor general have to sign the bill?


  1. I wonder what the world would be like if all the laws got thought.


100 word challenge 6, my 12th piece in 2016

“Aaaaahhhh!” shouted my mum. Hearing that I sprung out of bed and ran down the stairs which made me look like a lightning bolt in pyjamas. When I got down I noticed a big hole in the ground with a dead and massive creature in the middle. I didn’t want to know what it was so I didn’t ask, all I did was help my mum get it out. We weren’t having much luck in fact one time we dropped it back in the hole and it grew and grew. Then Dad came home and helped us out, finally with his strength we were victorious.