100 word challenge 13, my 30th piece in 2016

“Hello” said a shocked man. I don’t blame him for being shocked, it’s not like you’re on holiday walking in a dark ally in the city and an old-fashioned man falls from the sky. “Who are you?” said the man to the old fashioned man “I’m Dillon Mcane who are you?” said the man. “Bob” said the other man who had sat down to read a book. “Well when are we?” said Mcane, “2017” said Bob “by the way, want to chat” “okay” said the Mcane. Then they talked and talked and Mcane soon felt like he belonged there.

100 word challenge 12, my 29th piece in 2016

Bang! Went the sound of my gun as I shoot down enemy troops on the world unlimited video game. I was so good at it that I shot everyone in a matter of minutes. Finally it was time for the commander. He was skilled and he shot down a lot of my troops. Then the commander disappeared. Finally he showed up and shoot some more. I managed to slip away, then I saw the commander throw a detonator at my troops. As the flames flickered and went out I fired into the smoke, then I saw it: the body of the commander. I jumped up cheered like mad.

B.T.N 10, my 28th piece in 2016

Hello class today I will talk about orang-utans and what’s happening to them. But why do we need to know about them, because they are in trouble and I personally think that you and I should help them and I hope this piece of work will prove it.


.Orang-utans are endangered.

. Orang-utan’s homes are being knocked down.

. Orang-utan babies are becoming orphans because of their lost mothers.


. How heavy is a full grown male orang-utan?

. How many orang-utans are there in the world so far?


. I wonder when the destruction of the orang-utans home will stop.

Goals for semester 2, my 27th piece in 2016

What I want to learn: Don’t react to mistakes I make, Keep track of me work, Making new friends.Goal reaching strategies: Take a deep breath, Run my finger under words, If I see someone alone I will go over to him and invite him to play with me.Struggles in class: Speaking up, I let people do work for me sometimes, I worry a lot.Goal reaching strategies: Think of good ideas, I ask for help calming down. Personal improvement: Jump higher.

My semester 1 goals (reflection), my 26th piece in 2016

If you know very well me you might have red my goals for semester 1. Now I’m going to write a reflection on it. Ever since I first written my semester goals I was determined to complete them all. And I have gotten better at lots of them such as listening and recording my work.

I also have gotten better running faster the one thing I wanted to get better the most! So I’m happy about that. So there you have it that was my goals for semester one. Hope you enjoyed it!

My semester 1 goals, my 25th piece in 2016

What I want to learn: To read challenging books, to recording my work, listening. Goal meeting strategies: Ask mum for more challenging books, to write notes, push everything away from me .struggles in class: getting distracted by my imagination, do everything quickly, kind of take control of group. Goal meeting strategies: Snap out of my imaginings a.s.a.p., trying to slow down, listen to what the other people in the group have to say. Personal improvement: I want run faster.


My Hat, my 24th piece in 2016

The hat you see in top of my head today is actually rather special. Do you know why, because I got it from a dog that’s why. My story begins when I was in New Zealand on a holiday down by a huge lake. That’s when I saw it a small dog walking in the huge thick trees. It looked tired I stepped forward to get a closer look. It noticed me rather quickly but instead of running away it ran toward me and stoped at my feet then dropped the hat. I have been wearing it ever since.

WIN_20160525_121403 (2)

B.T.N 9, my 23rd piece in 2016.

Hello fellow students today my B.T.N is on electric cars. All of you probably know about cars that run on petrol but some are electric. What? What’s that? You don’t believe me?! Well you should, and hear is some proof I have.


. Electric cars have been around for a century.

. Electric cars don’t make mush noise.

. Petrol fumes can actually be dangerous if we breathe it in.


. What’s the fastest speed any car has ever gone?

. What country has the most electric cars in the world?


. I wonder when the first electric was invented.

100 word challenge 11, my 22nd piece in 2016


Silence filled the room as thunder crashed outside my bedroom window. I had just swam 1km at my swimming school and got my medal. Now that my time of swimming lessons are over it’s time to chillax. I put on my orange pyjamas and went down steers to play on the IPad. I plopped down on the couch flipped it open and played my favourite game “Avengers Academy”. After a while of playing all my characters were doing something that would take them hours to finish. So I watched a movie with my family. I sure hope all that will happen to me.

B.T.N 8,my 21st piece in 2016.

Hello everyone, today I did my B.T.N on video games. I know you think their fun but there is a dark side to them. But what exactly is the dark side read this B.T.N to find out.


.Gaming is a billion dollar industry.

.Video games are designed so once you start them you can’t stop because there is no end.

.Two tricks to get you addicted are rewards and other players.


.How can I stop myself getting addicted to video games?

. When was the first video game invented?


.I wonder if they could invent video games that are not addictive and educational.