100 word challenge 10, my 20th piece in 2016

There I was out on a journey of a lifetime. My mission was to find the legendary staircase to the sky. Legend says that it was deep in the Australian outback so that’s where I needed to go. I was hot on its trail I was shore I was on the right track. Finally I came to a gentle and peaceful billabong where the legend said it will be. I was so tiered of wandering so I hoped this was the place. Suddenly I heard rumbling then something emerged from the water. I couldn’t believe it I found the staircase to the sky.


B.T.N 7, my 19th piece in 2016

Facts: Super bugs are really bad bacteria. Antibiotics are a medicine that fights bacteria. We’re taking antibiotics too often .Question: How many types of antibiotics are there. Why don’t antibiotics work on viruses. Wondering: I wonder if humans would be extinct if we didn’t have antibiotics.


100 word challenge 9, my 18th piece in 2016

It all started one day when my family and I were out walking in the jungle. I was just walking past some bushes when suddenly I heard a rustle in the bushes. I froze, too scared to move a muscle I wanted to call my parents but I was too scared to do that to. I ended up staying there for a long time thinking of what it could be. Finally I decide to be brave and go see what it was. I waited for a minute to get my courage up and then lolled into the bush. “oh it was just the wind, phew”.