scientific lab report, my 37th piece in 2016

Team members: Thomas Bubic


Aim: To observe if the overflow is bigger when Mentos are added to vinegar and baking soda.


Prediction/hypothesis: The overflow will be bigger when Mentos are added to vinegar and baking soda.



. Vinegar (50 mils at least).

. Baking soda (100 mils at least).

. Mentos (cut into small pieces).


. Bowl.

. Beaker.



. Put cup in the bowl.

. Fill the cup with baking soda until it reaches 100 mills.

. Put all the little pieces of Mentos onto the baking soda.

. Add 100 mills of vinegar.





We believe that the explosion will be bigger because we already know that vinegar and baking soda mixed together makes a chemical reaction that makes a foam-like substance that can overflow out of things it is in if they have enough baking soda and vinegar. So we thought that the chemicals inside Mentos will combine with the baking soda and vinegar and make a bigger overflow.



The vinegar and baking soda did bubble up but it didn’t overflow. We found out that the chemicals inside Mentos couldn’t mix with baking soda or vinegar. Although next time in order to make it work we will add 100 mills of vinegar and crush the Mentos into a fine dust. Finally my aim mentioned that I was going to observe if the reaction with Mentos was faster than the reaction without Mentos so I could get two cups, two bowls and two beakers.




B.T.N 13, my 36th piece in 2016

Hello everybody, today I am going to vote for no animal testing for several reasons, and I have proof, now look at the piece of work below to see that proof.

First argument: My first argument is that animals can get sick or hurt by unsafe makeup and can result in blisters, rashes and burns. For example: some liquids can be a little bit like acid and can burn skin. If they do it on dogs it could burn throw their fur and onto their skin and they will burn the skin as well, and it will probably hurt a lot.

Second argument: My second argument is that when animals are getting ready for animal testing they usually spend all their time in laboratories and cages and they never get time out of those places and never get in nature where they belong. For example: When they are testing conditioner they usually get a furry creature to use it on and that creature would have probably lived in the lab their entire lives.

Third argument: My final argument is when people test things on animals the product can be accidently be made poisonous and can kill the testing animal. For example: If a cat is a test animal for a medicine and that medicine was made incorrectly it could kill the cat.

All right then, on with the B.T.N.


. People can be sure that the product there using was tested on animals because it says on the back of bottom.

. Some companies have stopped testing things on animals.

. Animal testing has been used for testing for a while.


. When did animal testing first start?

. When was the law “every product has to be proved safe before it can be sold” in America first invented?


. How many new methods discounting animal testing are there that can be used to test substances.

100 word challenge 15, my 35th piece in 2016

There I was, sweeping up yellow leaves in the back yard in autumn. I heard my sister practising her violin in the living room in front of our grandmother. The reason our grandmother was here is that she was babysitting us while our parents were on a plane to Miami for an interview with a celebrity. After all the leaves where swept up and when I eaten all my chicken soup I plopped down on the couch to watch some star wars the clone wars. Finally all my work was done and it was time to relax, Peace at last.

B.T.N 12, my 34th piece in 2016

Hello everybody, today I am going to argue for circus animals to stay in the circus. I understand if other people have their own opinion but I believe this piece of work will unhood my opinion.

.First arg: My first argument is that people enjoy watching the animals, and the animals don’t even mind that is they are being treated well. For example: at a circus I went to they had a giant elephant that moved so well and elephants need food to move so they must have fed that elephant or it probably wouldn’t have moved the way it did.

. Second arg: My second argument is that animals are related to animals in many ways like animals and humans both need exercise to keep healthy. For example: at another circus I went to I saw lots of animals doing lots of amazing stunts like, jumping high and long leaps, swinging on swings and lifting enormous things up.

. Third arg: Sometimes animals get so little attention that most animals don’t get very good homes. And in all the books about circus travel I have read in my life I know that the animals that travel are all put in super comfy cages( personally I kind of gave my example already can you find where it is?)

All right back to the B.T.N.


. Animals have been in circuses for many years.

. Some circuses are band from animals but others are not.

. There’s a circus called Star Dust circus.


. How many circus still have animals in Australia?

. How long has circuses been around.


. I wonder if in the future all the circuses in the world will have no animals at all.





100 word challenge 14, my 33rd piece in 2016

Finally it was the last day of school and there was only an hour left of school! Know all I have to do now and be patient because in only an hour I will be free from this boring prison for 5 whole weeks! Right now I’m just sitting in my chair looking at the clock counting down the minutes until the end of the day. In that time my teacher talked and talked and talked about boring stuff. I couldn’t wait to have a break from all that. Finally the bell rang and everyone including me disappeared out the door free at last.


semester 1 goals 2016, my 32nd piece in 2016

Personal learning goals:

To read more challenging books. Record my work. Listen better. Stop getting so distracted by my imagination. Stop doing lots of things quickly. Get better at I.C.T. Type faster. Don’t take control of the group. Do working out when I’m on HOTmaths. Work on punctuation. Use computers for researching more often. Learn bigger multiplication tables e.g. the 13 and 14 multiplication tables. Remember to get to the school S.R.C meetings without having an announcement to remind me. Write a little neater.

Student comments:

Ask mum for more challenging books. To write notes. Push everything away from me. Snap out of my imaginings a.s.a.p. try my best to slow down. Listen to what the other people in the group have to say. Ask an I.C.T mentor for help. Keep doing my typing exercises (dance mat typing). Keep a piece of paper on the table when I’m doing HOTmaths, keep re-reading my work. Keep a computer near me when I do work. Keep practicing multiplication tables. Keep S.R.C book out. Take my time when I’m writing.

Teacher’s comment:



My future goals:

Don’t react to mistakes I make. Keep track of my work. Making new friends. Speaking up. Don’t let other people do my work for me. Stop worrying a lot. Jumping higher. Learn to record science data better. Do public speaking with more confidence. Help keep people and myself focused on debates. Use dictionaries a bit more often. Do writing with more characters talking. Put more expression into my writing. Use more challenging words in my writing. Ask for help if doing challenging work. Work harder.


B.T.N 11, my 31th piece in 2016

Last Wednesday as you might have remembered it was the school athletics day so that got me thinking about sports so I thought I should do my B.T.N and this is what I came up with.


.Bowling is a new sport in the Olympics.

. In the 1920s tug of war was taken of the list on Olympic sports to make way for others.

.Sport completions have been around for thousands of years.


. How many sports are there in the world?

. What sport was created first?


. I wonder if anyone reading this would like to become and athlete.