semester 1 goals 2016, my 32nd piece in 2016

Personal learning goals:

To read more challenging books. Record my work. Listen better. Stop getting so distracted by my imagination. Stop doing lots of things quickly. Get better at I.C.T. Type faster. Don’t take control of the group. Do working out when I’m on HOTmaths. Work on punctuation. Use computers for researching more often. Learn bigger multiplication tables e.g. the 13 and 14 multiplication tables. Remember to get to the school S.R.C meetings without having an announcement to remind me. Write a little neater.

Student comments:

Ask mum for more challenging books. To write notes. Push everything away from me. Snap out of my imaginings a.s.a.p. try my best to slow down. Listen to what the other people in the group have to say. Ask an I.C.T mentor for help. Keep doing my typing exercises (dance mat typing). Keep a piece of paper on the table when I’m doing HOTmaths, keep re-reading my work. Keep a computer near me when I do work. Keep practicing multiplication tables. Keep S.R.C book out. Take my time when I’m writing.

Teacher’s comment:



My future goals:

Don’t react to mistakes I make. Keep track of my work. Making new friends. Speaking up. Don’t let other people do my work for me. Stop worrying a lot. Jumping higher. Learn to record science data better. Do public speaking with more confidence. Help keep people and myself focused on debates. Use dictionaries a bit more often. Do writing with more characters talking. Put more expression into my writing. Use more challenging words in my writing. Ask for help if doing challenging work. Work harder.


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