B.T.N 12, my 34th piece in 2016

Hello everybody, today I am going to argue for circus animals to stay in the circus. I understand if other people have their own opinion but I believe this piece of work will unhood my opinion.

.First arg: My first argument is that people enjoy watching the animals, and the animals don’t even mind that is they are being treated well. For example: at a circus I went to they had a giant elephant that moved so well and elephants need food to move so they must have fed that elephant or it probably wouldn’t have moved the way it did.

. Second arg: My second argument is that animals are related to animals in many ways like animals and humans both need exercise to keep healthy. For example: at another circus I went to I saw lots of animals doing lots of amazing stunts like, jumping high and long leaps, swinging on swings and lifting enormous things up.

. Third arg: Sometimes animals get so little attention that most animals don’t get very good homes. And in all the books about circus travel I have read in my life I know that the animals that travel are all put in super comfy cages( personally I kind of gave my example already can you find where it is?)

All right back to the B.T.N.


. Animals have been in circuses for many years.

. Some circuses are band from animals but others are not.

. There’s a circus called Star Dust circus.


. How many circus still have animals in Australia?

. How long has circuses been around.


. I wonder if in the future all the circuses in the world will have no animals at all.





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