B.T.N 13, my 36th piece in 2016

Hello everybody, today I am going to vote for no animal testing for several reasons, and I have proof, now look at the piece of work below to see that proof.

First argument: My first argument is that animals can get sick or hurt by unsafe makeup and can result in blisters, rashes and burns. For example: some liquids can be a little bit like acid and can burn skin. If they do it on dogs it could burn throw their fur and onto their skin and they will burn the skin as well, and it will probably hurt a lot.

Second argument: My second argument is that when animals are getting ready for animal testing they usually spend all their time in laboratories and cages and they never get time out of those places and never get in nature where they belong. For example: When they are testing conditioner they usually get a furry creature to use it on and that creature would have probably lived in the lab their entire lives.

Third argument: My final argument is when people test things on animals the product can be accidently be made poisonous and can kill the testing animal. For example: If a cat is a test animal for a medicine and that medicine was made incorrectly it could kill the cat.

All right then, on with the B.T.N.


. People can be sure that the product there using was tested on animals because it says on the back of bottom.

. Some companies have stopped testing things on animals.

. Animal testing has been used for testing for a while.


. When did animal testing first start?

. When was the law “every product has to be proved safe before it can be sold” in America first invented?


. How many new methods discounting animal testing are there that can be used to test substances.

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