scientific lab report, my 37th piece in 2016

Team members: Thomas Bubic


Aim: To observe if the overflow is bigger when Mentos are added to vinegar and baking soda.


Prediction/hypothesis: The overflow will be bigger when Mentos are added to vinegar and baking soda.



. Vinegar (50 mils at least).

. Baking soda (100 mils at least).

. Mentos (cut into small pieces).


. Bowl.

. Beaker.



. Put cup in the bowl.

. Fill the cup with baking soda until it reaches 100 mills.

. Put all the little pieces of Mentos onto the baking soda.

. Add 100 mills of vinegar.





We believe that the explosion will be bigger because we already know that vinegar and baking soda mixed together makes a chemical reaction that makes a foam-like substance that can overflow out of things it is in if they have enough baking soda and vinegar. So we thought that the chemicals inside Mentos will combine with the baking soda and vinegar and make a bigger overflow.



The vinegar and baking soda did bubble up but it didn’t overflow. We found out that the chemicals inside Mentos couldn’t mix with baking soda or vinegar. Although next time in order to make it work we will add 100 mills of vinegar and crush the Mentos into a fine dust. Finally my aim mentioned that I was going to observe if the reaction with Mentos was faster than the reaction without Mentos so I could get two cups, two bowls and two beakers.




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