B.T.N 16, my 42nd piece in 2016

Hello everyone today I will be taking about New Zealand earthquakes and I strongly believe that it’s the ground that’s the problem, also I have many good reasons why I should think that and here they are.


My first argument is that people might build on a tectonic plate without knowing it and soon they might have an earthquake. For example: if a guy found a good place to make a city on that place might be on the side of a tectonic plate and that guy wouldn’t know it.

My second reason is that (this is unlikely but might happen) if a group of people were building a huge house on the base of a hill and just finished an earthquake might happen and knock the house down they worked so hard on.


All right on with the B.T.N!!!


. New Zealand are getting lots of big earthquakes.

. People all over the world are sending help to New Zealand.

. The force of a bad earthquake in New Zealand was 6.3.


. What is the biggest earthquake in New Zealand?

. How long is the longest earthquake ever?


. I wonder what the world would be like if earthquakes went off willy- nilly.



100 word challenge 17, my 41st piece in 2016

Once upon a time there was a boy named Greg, and he was going on a hike with his family in the forest. He wasn’t the biggest fan of hikes but he did them anyway, his father said we might see some cool stuff on the trip but there wasn’t much, is was just trees mostly. But as soon as he saw yellow circles falling from the sky he know that was about to change. They all ran towards one of the circles and discovered that they were pots of gold! It was official, Greg was now excepting all the hikes he was offered.

B.T.N 15, my 40th piece in 2016

Today I’m doing my B.T.N on gold mining and its history. I agree that when you find gold you get really exited (I know that because I have found gold in my life). But I am voting to putting a stop to gold mining because it can be really expensive and now I am going to put that info into a persuasive text.

My first argument is that mining companies are using dangerous things like explosives to dig into the earth to find gold and the chunks of rock can go flying through the air and it can hurt someone and it can also destroy ecosystems. For example when someone detonates a dynamite some pieces of earth can go flying further than anticipated and some trees might collapse into the hole the destruction has made.

My second argument is that there is no guaranty you will find gold in a mine and it costs a lot of money so it’s a waste of perfectly good money. For example: a long time ago in Alaska there was a big gold rush and thousands of people travelled a super long way to get gold and a lot of people and horses died. And when the survivors’ finally got there they couldn’t find any gold, so they all spent thousands dollars for nothing.

My final argument is that people think gold is so important that all they are doing is looking for gold and that is taking up all there time. For example: If a father was looking for gold and he was also scheduled to get some food for his family he would chose looking for gold because he really wanted to find some and the shops would close while he was looking for gold.


. New technology are ruining ancient mine sites.

. There are lots of old mining supplies in ghost towns.

. Australia is one of the biggest mining countries ever.


. When was the first piece of gold in the whole world found?

. How much does it usually cost to start a gold mine.


. I wonder what the world would be like if gold was super easy to find for everybody.

B.T.N 14, my 39th piece in 2016


I chose this Behind the News video because I despise bullies and not because they’re mean to me, it’s because they can be mean to other people too. So I am voting to putting a stop to bullying and I strongly believe that you should too and this is why.

My first argument is that you don’t really have to be scared of bullies because they are just sad and lonely inside and they just want to make themselves look tough. For example: If someone calls you something mean like loser they just think they are losers inside.

My second argument is that there are many ways that you can stop yourself from feeling bad when you’re being bullied. For example: When someone is calling you a name you can just act surprised and say that if you call someone else a name you can just say they are calling themself that name or something else like that.

My third and final argument is that bullies might have lots of tricks up their sleeves and they might look tough to beat. Like they can put mean and insulting notes in your lockers or on your desks but there are ways you can fight that. For example: If someone puts a mean note in your locker you can just let it go, not let it get to you and just throw it in the bin.


Now I hope you learnt something from that, and now here is my B.T.N.



. Schools across the world are trying to put a stop to bullying.

. Even popular people today were bullied when they were kids.

. It’s hard to just ignore bullies because it feels like it’s going on and on forever.


. How can we help bullies find a better way to feel better about themselves?

. Why do people side with bullies?


. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone bullied.





100 word challenge 16, my 38th piece in 2016

It was a hot! Day in Melbourne and the sunshine was blasting me and my sister Alaska. In fact it was so hot it was impossible to think about ice and stuff. We tried to ignore the heat and play with our purple Frisbee. We were great at Frisbee and I was aiming right on target. But then suddenly I got sun in my eyes and I throw it badly and it was heading for Alaska’s head! She became so frighted as it flew thought the air that she ducked and it hit the wall. When we got the Frisbee we went inside, TO GET OUT OF THAT HEAT!!!