B.T.N 14, my 39th piece in 2016


I chose this Behind the News video because I despise bullies and not because they’re mean to me, it’s because they can be mean to other people too. So I am voting to putting a stop to bullying and I strongly believe that you should too and this is why.

My first argument is that you don’t really have to be scared of bullies because they are just sad and lonely inside and they just want to make themselves look tough. For example: If someone calls you something mean like loser they just think they are losers inside.

My second argument is that there are many ways that you can stop yourself from feeling bad when you’re being bullied. For example: When someone is calling you a name you can just act surprised and say that if you call someone else a name you can just say they are calling themself that name or something else like that.

My third and final argument is that bullies might have lots of tricks up their sleeves and they might look tough to beat. Like they can put mean and insulting notes in your lockers or on your desks but there are ways you can fight that. For example: If someone puts a mean note in your locker you can just let it go, not let it get to you and just throw it in the bin.


Now I hope you learnt something from that, and now here is my B.T.N.



. Schools across the world are trying to put a stop to bullying.

. Even popular people today were bullied when they were kids.

. It’s hard to just ignore bullies because it feels like it’s going on and on forever.


. How can we help bullies find a better way to feel better about themselves?

. Why do people side with bullies?


. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone bullied.





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