B.T.N 15, my 40th piece in 2016

Today I’m doing my B.T.N on gold mining and its history. I agree that when you find gold you get really exited (I know that because I have found gold in my life). But I am voting to putting a stop to gold mining because it can be really expensive and now I am going to put that info into a persuasive text.

My first argument is that mining companies are using dangerous things like explosives to dig into the earth to find gold and the chunks of rock can go flying through the air and it can hurt someone and it can also destroy ecosystems. For example when someone detonates a dynamite some pieces of earth can go flying further than anticipated and some trees might collapse into the hole the destruction has made.

My second argument is that there is no guaranty you will find gold in a mine and it costs a lot of money so it’s a waste of perfectly good money. For example: a long time ago in Alaska there was a big gold rush and thousands of people travelled a super long way to get gold and a lot of people and horses died. And when the survivors’ finally got there they couldn’t find any gold, so they all spent thousands dollars for nothing.

My final argument is that people think gold is so important that all they are doing is looking for gold and that is taking up all there time. For example: If a father was looking for gold and he was also scheduled to get some food for his family he would chose looking for gold because he really wanted to find some and the shops would close while he was looking for gold.


. New technology are ruining ancient mine sites.

. There are lots of old mining supplies in ghost towns.

. Australia is one of the biggest mining countries ever.


. When was the first piece of gold in the whole world found?

. How much does it usually cost to start a gold mine.


. I wonder what the world would be like if gold was super easy to find for everybody.

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