B.T.N 16, my 42nd piece in 2016

Hello everyone today I will be taking about New Zealand earthquakes and I strongly believe that it’s the ground that’s the problem, also I have many good reasons why I should think that and here they are.


My first argument is that people might build on a tectonic plate without knowing it and soon they might have an earthquake. For example: if a guy found a good place to make a city on that place might be on the side of a tectonic plate and that guy wouldn’t know it.

My second reason is that (this is unlikely but might happen) if a group of people were building a huge house on the base of a hill and just finished an earthquake might happen and knock the house down they worked so hard on.


All right on with the B.T.N!!!


. New Zealand are getting lots of big earthquakes.

. People all over the world are sending help to New Zealand.

. The force of a bad earthquake in New Zealand was 6.3.


. What is the biggest earthquake in New Zealand?

. How long is the longest earthquake ever?


. I wonder what the world would be like if earthquakes went off willy- nilly.



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