Camp responses, my 50th piece in 2016

The slide of awesomeness.

Up and up and up we went as we climbed the stairs to the of the 7 meter tall slide at Questacon. I was the first one to go so (still trembling) I walked up to the bar, grabbed it, closed my eyes and waited until I needed to let go. “Jump”! Yelled the helper. So, freefalling for a second, I then hit the slide and slid down. Who know that something so scary can be so fun?

AIS video games.

“Awesome”! I shouted. I was in the AIS video game centre playing a cycling video game. The best part about it was that I was in the lead. This only encouraged my opponents to pedal faster but that encouraged me to pedal faster. The competition was on. Our legs were like blurs as we peddled with all our might’s. Then another guy wanted a turn so I had to give him my bike, but at least I had loads of fun.

B.T.N 19, my 49th piece in 2016

Hello everyone today I will be arguing that people should send emergency money to people after they have had a cyclone. I also have some reasons to believe this and here they are.

My first argument is that people didn’t ask for a deadly cyclone to cause damage to their homes so they don’t really deserve to clean all the destruction up there selves. For example: If a nice guy had his house hit by a cyclone he should be helped cleaning up his propriety.

My second argument is that cyclones can be very powerful and are really hard to prevent at this time. And sometimes they can be so powerful that they can blow plants right over so there will be no food like bananas. For example when cyclone Larry hit Queensland it stopped banana trees growing for a really long time.

My third argument is that cyclones can do so much damaged to houses that they could be destroyed completely and the people living there won’t have a place to sleep for a really long time. For example if a guy had his house completely destroyed in a cyclone he won’t have a place to sleep for a while.

All right on with the B.T.N


. There are five catogrereys of cyclone.

. Cyclone Larry was a level five cyclone.

. Cyclone Tracy was a level four cyclone.


. What was the biggest cyclone ever?

. Are there any cyclone simulars to help people prepare?


. I wonder if a cyclone will strike Melbourne.


100 word challenge, my 48th piece in 2016

I felt unbelievably weird as I poked the dead black flamingo. I was underneath a bridge and I spotted the crazy creature. Suddenly I looked up and saw an extraordinary site. I weird (even weirder then the dead flamingo) green and glowing portal deep in the massive pipe under the bridge. I walked towards it silent as I could because I didn’t want another weirder things happening to me, it was already pass my limit of weirdness for the day. I jumped into the portal and came out in an awesome looking place, it wasn’t crazy it was awesome.

B.T.N 18,my 47th piece in 2016

Today I am on the affirmative side on that people should be allowed to build a house near a volcano. I know that might make me sound crazy but I actually have some reasons to believe that and here they are.

My first arguments is that scientists are improving technology to make themselves more shore when a volcano is going to erupt. For example: They are monitoring the shapes of volcanoes and when they are near eruption point they change shape.

My second argument is that people don’t actually live on volcanos so people actually have some time to escape before they erupt. For example: When someone has word of an eruption the creator is actually more up the mountain so they have time to get out.

My final argument is that it is super rare for a volcano to erupt especially the kinds that actually threaten people. For example: the most previous volcanic eruption was almost a decade ago.

All right on with the B.T.N.


. The eruption that kill have pyroclastic flows happening at the same time.

. Pyroclastic flows can preserve people bodies.

. Vesuvius is a volcano in Italy.


. What is the biggest volcanic eruption ever?

. What is the biggest volcano ever?


. I wonder what the world would be like if volcanos were all over the world.


100 word challenge 19, my 46th piece in 2016

I was on camp in Canberra when I saw the weird site of bubbling green water as I looked into it. “Why is this water green” asked my friend Oliver bobber as he looked in to. My teacher and lots of other kids ran over to see the kerfuffle. “Okay everybody calm down, it’s probably just something at the bottom”. But then I shouted “it’s bubbling!” And every one stopped listening to the teacher as it bubbled and bubbled and bubbled and suddenly a small green rat hopped out. “Well that was embarrassing” I said “you can say that again” said Oliver.

B.T.N 18, my 45th piece in 2016

Today I will say that the Haiti had the worst earthquake for many good reasons. I’m not saying the Chile quake was okay but I think the Haiti quake was more devastating and here are my reasons why.

My first argument is that Haiti is a poorer countries then Chile so builders in Haiti didn’t have the money to make their buildings super strong. For example: If a builder needed to make a house he probably wouldn’t have enough money to get some good materials like steel land when an earthquake hits that house will probably come crashing down.

My second argument is that lots more people died in the Haiti quake which caused more suffering because many people had terrible injures and many survivors have to live through the memory of their family’s being killed in a terrible earthquake. For example: if a kid from Haiti lost his father in an earthquake he has to live with the memory of his father’s death all his life.

My final argument is that (as I said earlier) Haiti is a very poor country and people don’t have much money and it will be hard for them to rise back up from the rubble. For example: if a family’s house is destroyed by an earthquake it will be hard for them to get enough money to get it fixed again.

All right on with the B.T.N!


. The Haiti and Chili quakes both happened in two months.

. Earthquakes are measured on a machine called a Richter scale.

. As the power increases by one on the Richter scale the power of the quake goes up by one.


. What is the biggest earthquake ever?

. What is the largest number of people killed in a single earthquake?


. I wonder what the world would like if an entire country was destroyed be an earthquake.

100 word challenge 18, my 44th piece in 2016

“But how would I know if the carpet could catch on fire” I protested to my mum. My family was having a fire and my stick caught on fire and an ash fell off onto the carpet and it was going to catch on fire if my mum hadn’t snuffed it out. Now I’m grounded for causing that and no cookies for a week! And there is nothing I can do about it. Well I guess I just have to put up with it until the end of the week but at least she didn’t take away my personal T.V.