B.T.N 18, my 45th piece in 2016

Today I will say that the Haiti had the worst earthquake for many good reasons. I’m not saying the Chile quake was okay but I think the Haiti quake was more devastating and here are my reasons why.

My first argument is that Haiti is a poorer countries then Chile so builders in Haiti didn’t have the money to make their buildings super strong. For example: If a builder needed to make a house he probably wouldn’t have enough money to get some good materials like steel land when an earthquake hits that house will probably come crashing down.

My second argument is that lots more people died in the Haiti quake which caused more suffering because many people had terrible injures and many survivors have to live through the memory of their family’s being killed in a terrible earthquake. For example: if a kid from Haiti lost his father in an earthquake he has to live with the memory of his father’s death all his life.

My final argument is that (as I said earlier) Haiti is a very poor country and people don’t have much money and it will be hard for them to rise back up from the rubble. For example: if a family’s house is destroyed by an earthquake it will be hard for them to get enough money to get it fixed again.

All right on with the B.T.N!


. The Haiti and Chili quakes both happened in two months.

. Earthquakes are measured on a machine called a Richter scale.

. As the power increases by one on the Richter scale the power of the quake goes up by one.


. What is the biggest earthquake ever?

. What is the largest number of people killed in a single earthquake?


. I wonder what the world would like if an entire country was destroyed be an earthquake.

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