B.T.N 19, my 49th piece in 2016

Hello everyone today I will be arguing that people should send emergency money to people after they have had a cyclone. I also have some reasons to believe this and here they are.

My first argument is that people didn’t ask for a deadly cyclone to cause damage to their homes so they don’t really deserve to clean all the destruction up there selves. For example: If a nice guy had his house hit by a cyclone he should be helped cleaning up his propriety.

My second argument is that cyclones can be very powerful and are really hard to prevent at this time. And sometimes they can be so powerful that they can blow plants right over so there will be no food like bananas. For example when cyclone Larry hit Queensland it stopped banana trees growing for a really long time.

My third argument is that cyclones can do so much damaged to houses that they could be destroyed completely and the people living there won’t have a place to sleep for a really long time. For example if a guy had his house completely destroyed in a cyclone he won’t have a place to sleep for a while.

All right on with the B.T.N


. There are five catogrereys of cyclone.

. Cyclone Larry was a level five cyclone.

. Cyclone Tracy was a level four cyclone.


. What was the biggest cyclone ever?

. Are there any cyclone simulars to help people prepare?


. I wonder if a cyclone will strike Melbourne.


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