Camp responses, my 50th piece in 2016

The slide of awesomeness.

Up and up and up we went as we climbed the stairs to the of the 7 meter tall slide at Questacon. I was the first one to go so (still trembling) I walked up to the bar, grabbed it, closed my eyes and waited until I needed to let go. “Jump”! Yelled the helper. So, freefalling for a second, I then hit the slide and slid down. Who know that something so scary can be so fun?

AIS video games.

“Awesome”! I shouted. I was in the AIS video game centre playing a cycling video game. The best part about it was that I was in the lead. This only encouraged my opponents to pedal faster but that encouraged me to pedal faster. The competition was on. Our legs were like blurs as we peddled with all our might’s. Then another guy wanted a turn so I had to give him my bike, but at least I had loads of fun.

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