The vanishing mother, my 56th piece in 2016

“Mum, Mum where are you”?! I was screaming as I ran around the house looking for my mother. My name is Trimson. I’m only seven years old and I don’t think that’s old enough for your mother to start vanishing into thin air.

“Mum, this isn’t funny”! I yelled, but I still didn’t hear a response. I went into the kitchen and saw a note pined on the wall. It read, “Dear Trimson, The reason I’m gone is because I’m just going for a jog. Nothing bad happened to me, just get yourself some cereal, Love, your mum.”

“Phew” I sighed as I walked to the cupboard to get a box of honey-tangle cereal and happily ate it thinking nothing could go wrong today.

I stopped thinking this when I heard a scream and I knew right away it was my mother! I ran outside and looked around. I caught a glimpse of my mum being dragged away by a woman dressed all in black. I crept them and I saw the women shove my mum into a dark house. I quickly, delicately and quietly snuck to the window of the house and peeked inside. I saw my mum with her hands tied behind her back and shouting at the woman. There was nothing good about this!

I bolted to a house on the other side of the road. It belonged to a man I knew named Mr Mcdon. I rang the doorbell and Mr Mcdon opened the door. “Hello Trimson” said Mr Mcdon “what’s wrong you look worried”

“I am worried” I said “my mother has been kidnapped”

“Do you know where your mum is being held”? Asked Mr Mcdon “yes” I said. I led him to the house where my mum was being held captive. “Holy cow!” Said Mr Mcdon “I’ll call the police”. Soon the police arrived and arrested the kidnapper!

After two minutes of looking through the crowd I found my mother and gave her a big hug. When I finished telling her the story she said she was so proud of me. “Come on, let’s go get some donuts to celebrate your bravery”

“HORRAY”! “Let’s do it” I yelled with excitement.

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