SRC speech for 2017, my 3rd piece in 2017

Hello Ant and 5/6C, today I’m going to explain why I think I will be an awesome SRC rep for are amazing class. I have been in SRC for two years now so I have had quite a bit of experience so I know what it’s like and let me tell you it’s challenging but I believe that I’m up for it. Now here are my arguments.

My first argument is that I’m very good at communicating. Last year I was the head of the clubs committee and I did a good job at communicating with everyone. I made shore that everyone got a say and used my words to express how I feel, and I wasn’t afraid to do neither.

My second argument is that I’m a really good leader. I was a good leader of the clubs committee in my option. I didn’t get bossy when someone in my group had a different idea, and this year I also became vice captain for Banks. So with all my experience and on coming practise I will be a better leader than ever before.

My third argument is that I represent the all the school values. I represent respect because I do my best to listen in all my lessons. I represent optimism because I always try to find the bright side in everything. I represent care because I’m very helpful and kind and I represent collaboration because I work with other people well and I don’t just take control of the task.

Thank you for listening and I hope I have persuaded you that I will be an excellent SRC rep for this class.


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