100 word challenge 3- Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera, my 13th piece in 2017

I was huffing and puffing as I rocked climbed up the mountain clutching as hard as I could to my camera so it wouldn’t fall. I guess I should tell you why I’m risking my life climbing up a huge mountain that with one slip I could fall (which just happened)! I wailed as I feel down. I was so worried that I lashed out and grabbed the mountain, my knuckles got scraped as I wacked the hard mountain. But in no time at all I was at the top, there in the moist brown dirt was the most beautiful flower I ever seen (the hernopis teronic to be precise)

BTN.5 Anh Do interview, my 12th piece in 2017

summary: This video was a interview with Anh Do and he talked about how he journeyed to Australia as a kid and how he grew up to be a famous comedian


. Anh Do’s brother was the Australian of the year 2005.

. Anh wrote a book called The Happiest Refugee.

. Anh Do’s whole family had to flee to Australia by boat to get away from the war and stay alive.


. Why did Anh’s dad have to put a whole in the boat?

. Are Anh Do’s parents still alive?


. Anh Do is and his parents or very wise.

BTN.4-Australian federation, my 11th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about the history of the Australian colonies, the troubles and worries between the colonies and how Australia was formed.


. Australia started to form when the British came and set up colonies.

. There was lots of trouble in early Australia because colonies where afraid that other colonies would try to take over their land.

. In 1900 Australia was truly formed.


. Why weren’t women aloud to vote?

. What happened to Captain Abel Tasman?


. The children and adults think that Australia is a great place to live.

100 word challenge 2-But how can something be so tiny, my 10th piece in 2017

“But how can something be so tiny”, was the thought that continuously  played in my head as I looked at my tiny science teacher who we just found sitting on a table smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence. “Don’t worry class ,this is totally normal” he said in a really high pitched voice, “tiny teachers are normal” said Jimmy the kid actor in my class “were is my agent when I really need him”. Everyone laughed except Wyatt the class smarty-pants, “But that’s impossible” he said, I’m going to stop the story here so Wyatt won’t bore you to death with his excuse.

100 word challenge 1- why I’m always late, my 9th piece in 2017

I am always last to school because my sister was cursed by a witch when me and here were out for a little explore around. Suddenly she appeared out of know were, then she raised her magic staff pointed it at use and a bolt of lightning shot out of it. I jumped out of the way but the bolt hit Alaska right in the face, then the witch disappeared. We found out what that bolt did the next day at 8:25am when Alaska started moving at the speed of a slug. So that is why I’m always late, because I have a slug sister.

BTN.3- Convict life, my 8th piece in 2017


. In the olden days the stairs were based on footpaths.

. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the Sydney area were the Gadigal people.

. Convicts started building houses in Australia 2 years after the first fleet arrived.


. How much the iron chains that convicts wore did weighed?

. How long did it take for the convicts to build a house in the olden days


. The English didn’t take any chances of the convicts escaping so they made them wear super heavy chains.


. This video was about what life was like for the convicts and the progress of the early settlement of Sydney.

Semester 1 goals for 2017, my 7th piece in 2017

What I want to learn:

. Listening better.

. Taking more notes.

. Improve spelling.

. Improve punctuation.



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

.Take deep breaths before each lesson (I will use this to help with both my goals).

. Ask mum for words to spell every night.

. Asking mum for information on punctuation.





How I learn and behave:

I try to behave my best self but sometimes I do get frustrated and use bad words but I’m aiming to stop that. I’m also having a good time learning it can get boring from time to time but I try my best any way.




List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

. Keep sitting close to the teacher.

. Keep re-reading whatever I’m reading multiple times.

. Use the five spelling strategies.




BTN.2- First Fleet, my 6th piece in 2017


. Convict senders first arrived in Australia in 1788.

. Even kids were convicts.

. Lots of people died on the first transport to Australia.


. Why were people so hard on the convicts?

. What were convict children main jobs?


. Court sent people away very quickly

Summary: This video was about how convicts were sent to Australia, the journey itself and how even children were sentence to transportation.


Camp reflection for 2017, my 5th piece in 2017

This was my best camp yet, there was absolutely no downside to it. My dad was one of the parents that came along and was my activity team leader. So I had loads of fun with him and I got to introduce him to all my friends. I also had fun trying all the foods there. My favourite breakfast was the everyday eggs and bacon with solders and apple juice and a bowl of rice bubbles and toast with jam. My favourite lunch was a sandwich that I loaded with vegetables. My favourite dinner was pizza, I had Aussie and a few pieces of garlic bread to go with it. And my favourite dessert I cabin, I was with Ziggy, Oliver, Abraham, Jack.K, Jack.M, Josh.W, Charlie.R and Rowan. I had a lot of good sleeping, gaming, chatting and roasting them (that when they try to embarrass you but you embarrass them instead). In conclusion I believe that this was the best camp I have ever been on, BOO-YAH.