Camp reflection for 2017, my 5th piece in 2017

This was my best camp yet, there was absolutely no downside to it. My dad was one of the parents that came along and was my activity team leader. So I had loads of fun with him and I got to introduce him to all my friends. I also had fun trying all the foods there. My favourite breakfast was the everyday eggs and bacon with solders and apple juice and a bowl of rice bubbles and toast with jam. My favourite lunch was a sandwich that I loaded with vegetables. My favourite dinner was pizza, I had Aussie and a few pieces of garlic bread to go with it. And my favourite dessert I cabin, I was with Ziggy, Oliver, Abraham, Jack.K, Jack.M, Josh.W, Charlie.R and Rowan. I had a lot of good sleeping, gaming, chatting and roasting them (that when they try to embarrass you but you embarrass them instead). In conclusion I believe that this was the best camp I have ever been on, BOO-YAH.

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