BTN.3- Convict life, my 8th piece in 2017


. In the olden days the stairs were based on footpaths.

. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the Sydney area were the Gadigal people.

. Convicts started building houses in Australia 2 years after the first fleet arrived.


. How much the iron chains that convicts wore did weighed?

. How long did it take for the convicts to build a house in the olden days


. The English didn’t take any chances of the convicts escaping so they made them wear super heavy chains.


. This video was about what life was like for the convicts and the progress of the early settlement of Sydney.

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One thought on “BTN.3- Convict life, my 8th piece in 2017

  1. Finn,
    I can tell from your response that you understand what’s going on and would have some interesting things to say. I think now is the time for you to push yourself to create pieces of writing that you are even more proud of each week. It won’t be hard for you to achieve this. All you need to do is turn your dot point style writing into flowing paragraphs. I suggest you take a look at a few other writers to get an idea. The work Lilly and Hamish did this week show a wonderful example of what you would be able to create.
    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts,
    Hamish or Lilly’s

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