Footy reflection, my 28th piece in 2017

I was never the world’s biggest fan of footy, but after this experience it has changed that completely. This experience of which I speech of is when 4 Essendon AFL players came to the school and taught everyone on the footy team some skills on how to play footy. After we all did some kicking and hand balling practise we all played a game, the 4 AFL players VS the school footy team. It was a really breath taking event, we managed to dodge through the big players and scored a few goals and points. But I’m sorry to say that the tide turned when the older players said “last point wins!” And I’m afraid the AFL players scored the last goal. But even after that I got all their autographs on my lunchbox and I was never so exhilarated in my entire life.

BTN 10- Nuclear power, my 26th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about a nuclear explosion that occurred in Japan. The explosion occurred at a nuclear plant right after a tsunami and earthquake hit and many people believe it was these natural disasters that caused the explosion.

Facts: The explosion sent shock waves throughout the world. Most nuclear plants run on a fuel called Uranium. In order to create nuclear radiation they have to put Uranium in the core reactor and treat it a certain way. Questions: What element does uranium have in it that makes a good nuclear fuel? How does radiation effect humans. Insight: nuclear power is a really good power source but it has to be controlled or it could be very deadly.

Aquarium Excretion Reflection, my 25th piece in 2017

Today me and all of the 5/6 classes went to the Melbourne Aquarium of sea life. We saw so many different types of cool animals with their own amazing and unique feature. Some where huge, some were tiny but I thought that almost everything was awesome!

Although one of my all time favourites was the hundreds of cute penguins. They all were so cute and furry (although they were actually covered in feathers so maybe I should have said feathery). Anyway Penguins are actually the fastest bird swimmers in the world and can go up to 40 miles per hour! Baby Penguins actually have a clever way of hiding from eagles and other flying creatures that might want to eat them, they are actually born with brown feathers. This makes them look like boulders from a Birdseye view and it tricks the flying predators!

Another one of the animals I liked was the giant sharks. There were so many of them, great whites sharks, saw sharks, port Jackson sharks and many more. One of my favourite sharks were the Port Jackson sharks. They are actually very unique from the other sharks on quite a few ways, for starter it one of the few sharks that does not tear up food to eat it, it’s teeth allows it to crush crabs and other foods in his mouth. it also swims low on the ground to camouflage it. Not only does it camouflage but the eggs too. It screws into the sand and it can sense when predators are around from in side the shell and they stop moving.

Thanks for reading. If you want to go to this aquarium there website is at Aquarium

100 word challenge 9- Hands holding Hamburger, my 23rd piece in 2017

Hi I’m Cheese the 95th, and I’m the prince of the land of cheese. This land is the middle continent of the planet Yummy. The other two continents are the land of meat and the land of lettuce and were at harmony with both of them. A few years back a human space craft came to the planet and said it looked like something they eat, I think it was an amburger, but anyway they also came to warn us about a giant Alien that eats plants. With of the help of the humans and rulers from the other continents we defeated him and everyone lived happily ever after.

BTN.9- Comic Books, my 22nd piece in 2017

Summary: this video was about comics and how they evolved into graphic novels. Facts: A graphic novel is just a longer version of a comic book. The first superhero comic was superman comics and the first issue came out in 1938. Lots of teachers and parents are using comics and graphic novels to help with their kids reading and learning. Questions: when did comics turn into graphic novels? How many comics are there approximately in the world? Insight: Comics are one of the most famous type of books in the world.

100 word challenge Wide, Orange, Crocodile, Within, Collapsed, my 21st piece in 2017

I was I was running full speed through the woods, leaping over wide flower beds and fallen trees. Now you might think that when you hear someone running into a forest that you might think he’s running from an animal, well he was actually running from a bully. “Run faster you orange crocodiles” he was yelling to his henchmen. I quickly hid within a large bush. After a minutes of not being found I looked up and saw them all standing right front of me. Quickly I hit a tree and a hump of leaves collapsed on them. Proud of myself I didn’t bother to run away, I just walked.

BTN.8- Australia’s electrical resources, my 20th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about what we use for Australia’s energy, why and what is the government trying to do with it to make in better. Facts: You can use many things for electricity such as sun, water and wind. Coal is 80% of Australia’s electricity source but it is polluting the atmosphere. There is so much coal here in Australia that we send half of it overseas. Questions: Why do we have so much coal in Australia and not so much in other places? What is the main element that burnt coal produces that make it so bad for the environment? Insight: Australia is one of the countries with the most coal in the world.

100 word challenge 7- I couldn’t eat something so, my 19 piece in 2017

I never thought I could do this in my entire life, but after trying that eggplant casserole at the restaurant last week, I barfed! Literally, vomit actually came out of my mouth. As soon as that happened my mother screamed and leapt out of her chair (my mum has massive saliva issues) that one scream attacked everyone’s attention. I quietly explained why I couldn’t eat something so disgusting without barfing, obviously I didn’t explain it quietly enough because when I finished speaking a group of waiters walked over to us, pick me, my Dad and Mum up, and through us out of the restaurant