BTN.8- Australia’s electrical resources, my 20th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about what we use for Australia’s energy, why and what is the government trying to do with it to make in better. Facts: You can use many things for electricity such as sun, water and wind. Coal is 80% of Australia’s electricity source but it is polluting the atmosphere. There is so much coal here in Australia that we send half of it overseas. Questions: Why do we have so much coal in Australia and not so much in other places? What is the main element that burnt coal produces that make it so bad for the environment? Insight: Australia is one of the countries with the most coal in the world.

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One thought on “BTN.8- Australia’s electrical resources, my 20th piece in 2017

  1. Finn,
    As each week goes by I can see the hard work you are putting in to improve your BTN responses. And each week they are getting better and better. I hop you are reading the responses in the showcase each week as they will give you a good idea to aim for in order for you to also be a showcase example. In particular, look out for the way you can incorporate all your -check out Lily’s and Ethan’s blogs for great examples,
    Keep up the great work,

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