BTN.9- Comic Books, my 22nd piece in 2017

Summary: this video was about comics and how they evolved into graphic novels. Facts: A graphic novel is just a longer version of a comic book. The first superhero comic was superman comics and the first issue came out in 1938. Lots of teachers and parents are using comics and graphic novels to help with their kids reading and learning. Questions: when did comics turn into graphic novels? How many comics are there approximately in the world? Insight: Comics are one of the most famous type of books in the world.

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One thought on “BTN.9- Comic Books, my 22nd piece in 2017

  1. Hi Finn, good job on this BTN! You have good recalls and good questions. And insight. Okay, it was all pretty good.
    Maybe next time you could colour code it to make it easier to read? Every time I read a BTN I check what the colours mean to make it easier to find. If not colour coding maybe separate the paragraphs so the reader knows which section is which? Otherwise they are kind of looking through the whole paragraph to find specific information.
    Other wise, good job!
    Keep up the work,

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