Aquarium Excretion Reflection, my 25th piece in 2017

Today me and all of the 5/6 classes went to the Melbourne Aquarium of sea life. We saw so many different types of cool animals with their own amazing and unique feature. Some where huge, some were tiny but I thought that almost everything was awesome!

Although one of my all time favourites was the hundreds of cute penguins. They all were so cute and furry (although they were actually covered in feathers so maybe I should have said feathery). Anyway Penguins are actually the fastest bird swimmers in the world and can go up to 40 miles per hour! Baby Penguins actually have a clever way of hiding from eagles and other flying creatures that might want to eat them, they are actually born with brown feathers. This makes them look like boulders from a Birdseye view and it tricks the flying predators!

Another one of the animals I liked was the giant sharks. There were so many of them, great whites sharks, saw sharks, port Jackson sharks and many more. One of my favourite sharks were the Port Jackson sharks. They are actually very unique from the other sharks on quite a few ways, for starter it one of the few sharks that does not tear up food to eat it, it’s teeth allows it to crush crabs and other foods in his mouth. it also swims low on the ground to camouflage it. Not only does it camouflage but the eggs too. It screws into the sand and it can sense when predators are around from in side the shell and they stop moving.

Thanks for reading. If you want to go to this aquarium there website is at Aquarium

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