BTN 7- Inspecting bush fires, my 18th piece in 2016

Summary: This video was about how to find out where and how bushfires can start.



. Bushfires are usually caused by lightning, technology errors or campers forgetting to put out their fires.

. Range finders can measure distances and ground angles.

. The black Saturday bushfire was started by a simple electrical fault.


. How do fire inspectors find the front, back and sides of a bushfire?

. What can one see exactly, through a range finder?


. Fire inspectors are almost exactly like detectives.

100 word challenge 6- The slime dripped through, my 17th piece in 2017

My Family huddled together in the underground bunker. Now you may be asking why would you be in a bunker when you could be in your home. Well we probably would be if a slime Bomb didn’t just drop on my house. As the slime dripped through the planks I worried that we wouldn’t make it out. Then suddenly the sealing collapsed, then everything went black. Then I awoke to a world of happiness. Then I saw a big sign that said “Hell”, I ran up to a guy and asked “I though hell was bad”

“Well” said the guy “If hell is good you wouldn’t guess what is bad”