Australian mulga project reflection, my 29th piece in 2017


In term 2 we were assigned to do a project based on a plant or animal that lives in hot dry and arid conditions. The one I was researching was the Australian mulga tree. I was working with Josh Kruger and I thought we did a really good job with the jobs we assigned to each other and how the presentation was at the end. I did research on the mulgas adaptations, made the scientific diagram and wrote the presentation. Josh did research on the mulgas environment, made the model and worked out an experiment based on one of the mulgas adaptions.


3 things I found interesting:

. One things I found interesting was that Australian mulgas actually grow in 20% on the Australian continent: Western Australia, Northern Australia, Southern Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

. Another thing I found interesting was that different parts of the mulga can actually be used to cure different kinds of sicknesses like colds, flues, headaches and many more.

. Another thing I found interesting was that mulgas stop themselves from ageing when there is very little water so they can use less water for the most water using thing in its survival: growing.


. I understand without its super long roots that can go over 20 meters into the ground to soak up water from the deep, water gathering can be a lot more challenging.

. Another understanding I have is that if it didn’t have its healing capabilities, the aboriginals and anyone else who used it wouldn’t have survived.


. How does the mulgas crown shape maximise the channelling of water.


What was the most important thing I had to learn:

The most important thing we had to learn during this term making the project probably how it survived in the environment it’s in. I choose this because I was very curious about it and I thought that I should really find out.

How did I learn this:

I learnt about how the mulga tree can survive in its super-hot environment by asking the teacher for some websites with facts about mulgas on it so I could look at them and take notes. I also got my partner to do some work to then I asked him for the notes he took to put them in the presentation.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

I am going to use the mulgas adaptations for some Ideas to help the world. I am going to this because I want to be the world’s greatest inventor in the world.

Goals for this assignment and how I went achieving it:

One of my goals I wanted to achieve in this assignment was that I can explain the structural features of and behaviours of the Australian mulga fluently. I think I did a really good job with achieving this goal and I’m insanely proud of myself.


In conclusion I think we did a really good job with this project and I think my partner is to. I have told you about what I found interesting during this project, what I understood, what I wondered about, what was the most important thing I learnt and how I learnt it, what I am going to do with what I learnt and my goals for the project. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you learnt something. Thanks for reading:

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