Australian mulga project reflection, my 31st piece in 2017


Our project was the Australian mulga. For our experiment we used the mulgas adaption of super long roots, so long in fact that they can soak up water from wet soil deep underground. Are prediction was that the very long strip would soak up more water and end up heavier. We used two cups full of wet dirt and put one strip of sponge in each, one short strip from a different kind of tree roots and one long strip for the long mulga roots. We put the sponges in and let them soak for 1 hour, we weighted them before and after. At the start the short one weighted 0.9 tenths and at the end it weighted 1.8 tenths. And for the long one it weighted 1.3 tenths at the start and 3.3 tenths at the finish.


In conclusion our prediction was correct: The longer strip would soak up the water and will end up heavier. We did something’s well doing this experiment some were not that good. For example we knew exactly what to do and how we are going to do it. One of the bad things were that the original plan had some faults and had to be changed.

One thought on “Australian mulga project reflection, my 31st piece in 2017

  1. Your dad and I are really proud of how much time and effort you put into this project. We loved seeing your enthusiasm in your research and loved learning all about the mulgas with you!

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