100 word challenge 14- then suddenly it went black, my 37th piece in 2017

This math class was so boring. We were learning about fractions and I almost fell asleep. I tried to keep my eyes on the chalk board, then it suddenly went back, in fact everything went black. Then an announcement came on saying that there was a problem with the lights and everyone needed to be evacuated to the oval. Then we did a quick role call and the teacher said 8/8 of us were here, that is one whole in case you don’t know. Oh-no I paid attention in the fractions lesson, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, MY LIFE IS OVER!!!

BTN.11- Mount Ruapehu, my 36th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about the destruction mount Ruapehu can cause when it erupts.


. Lahar flows can flow to the speed of 100k.

. Storms and other natural disasters can cause volcanic eruptions.

. In 1953 mount Ruapehu erupted and killed 150 people.


. What was mount Ruapehu’s biggest eruption?

. What was mount Ruapehu’s biggest lahar flow?


. Mount Ruapehu is one of the most dangerous volcanos in the southern hemisphere.


100 word challenge 13, picture of a laughing seal- my 35th piece in 2017

Science class last week was the funniest class ever. We all went on an excursion to a shore with tonnes of seals. We weren’t very sure what we were doing there at first but the teacher explained why. We were there to test his new invention. The Transforminator, and he was going to transform a rock into a seal. He took a fur sample from one of the seals and put into the machine. He was about to shoot the rock, but he tripped just as he fired ,and the ray hit me. It was hilarious, everyone laughed, including me!

100 word challenge 12- Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin- my 34th piece in 2017

My sister was annoying terribly. I ran in to the kitchen and my mouth watered a delicious smell met my nostrils. I knew it immediately, mum was making an apple pie! “Kym can you get some more apples from the back pleas”? Asked my mum “Sure” I said and Bolted to the store room. But when I got there I didn’t find apples but a scarlet violin, I stepped with caution towards it and played. Suddenly a portal opened in front of me and a voice said “finish the journey and you will find the apples”.

“You’re on” I shouted and jumped through the portal.

100 word challenge 11- but then the flash made me, my 33rd piece in 2017

I fell to the ground with a thud! I looked to see the bullies that had punched me down. Next 2 of them got to my feet and the other bashed me again. It was starting to get really hurt. Just when one of the bullies raised his fist I saw the thing that was getting me bashed, a girl the bullies liked and she liked me and she was smiling at me and is like powerful flash. At first I thought nothing would change But the flash made me strong and I took the bullies down. After that I walked to the girl took her hand and walked away.