100 word challenge 17- giant footprints, my 38th piece in 2017

We hear a scream and everyone comes running to the source of it; Kiley. We run up to her and we discover why she had screamed. There was a giant footprint on the ground, twice the size of a regular footprint. Everyone stared at it terrified, the teachers tried and tried to calm everyone down but it didn’t help. I didn’t believe it was a monster and thought it was just a prank. After some time they got everyone back inside, but as I walked back to class I saw something in the bushes, it had red eyes, giant fangs and huge feet.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge 17- giant footprints, my 38th piece in 2017

  1. Finn,
    I really like this piece. The way you have structured it is excellent- beginning with the frightening scream and footsteps, only to have you dismiss it as a prank…then finally finishing off with an ominous description using the power of 3s.
    And I am particularly impressed with the way you have been attentive to your grammar, spelling and punctuation. It seems you’ve taken time to reread and check your work thoroughly- well done!

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