100 word challenge 19- as soon as the door slammed I knew, my 44th piece in 2017

I was following my sister into the garage for some reason. She just said that there will be a surprise there. When we got there I couldn’t see anything, but as the door slammed I knew that this was all a prank. She’s probably trying to get back at me from beating her in checkers 3 times in a row. So I simply opened the garage, she obviously didn’t think of that because she ran into the garage shouting, so I did what any sane person would do, I closed the door on her.

100 word challenge 18- picture of feet sticking out of water, my 43rd piece in 2017

Drake was just walking down by the river one day, with not a care in the world, thinking about going into high school in just a few weeks. Then he heard a shout for help, he ran to where he heard the shout and ran to the scene to see a little kid getting picked on by a big bully. Drake told him to go away but the bully lunged at him, but drake ducked down and kicked him over his head, and the bully landed head first in the dirty water. The boy thanked him and soon he was famous around his school.

100 word challenge 17, my holiday at bounce- my 42nd piece in 2017

From my first jump I was exhilarated to the core, I felt like I could do anything on these trampolines.

Spring! Go the trampolines as I jump across them, I could feel the excitement swelling.

Spring after spring after spring you fly, you can do unlimited kinds of tricks.

You can jump super high and reach, maybe even touch a star, bouncing and springing and soaring through the air, is there anything you can’t do on these trampolines?

Unlimited fun, Unlimited Opportunity’s to shine, Bounce I tell you is one of the best places to be