100 word challenge 23, Sandwich, Battery, energetic, white, hurried- my 49th piece in 2017

I was happily eating my sandwich when suddenly the door a brook down and marched in dozens of big armed robots. I watched as everyone hurried to the exits, I rushed to join them but was overwhelmed by a strong feeling. I felt so energetic it was as if a battery was lodged into me. Then the feeling flowed to my hands edging me to point them at the robots. Suddenly a huge blast of white light shot at the robots vaporising them. Everyone starred at me as the police walked in. Everyone was as confused as me, Mum was right I shouldn’t have watched all those Max Steel episodes.

100 word challenge 22, picture of a guy in a black cloak- my 48th piece in 2017

I crept as silently as a mouse my long black cloak dragged on the ground. I saw my target up ahead and bent down low. I slowly approached walking on a ground blanketed with leaves and twigs but not one of them snapped or rustled. I was just a meter away from my pray now, I looked at her so fragile and happy, well that is about to change. I was hiding right next to her but she couldn’t see me, the time to strike is now. I leaped and tackled her to the ground! “Finn” she shouted and I laugh, it’s always so funny when you scare your sister.

100 word challenge 22, but where would we hide it all- my 47th piece in 2017

Deep in space, I wrestled with the controls, transporting stones with amazing powers. Galaxy Defence Inc was trying to get them hidden. “But where would we hide it all” they thought. They had multiple options: Doopar’s volcano, Dastron’s laser mountain or a duck (ducks are a lot different in my dimension). Eventually they decided on Rosin’s fortress. I was transporting them there but pirates attacked us, destroyed my security and now I’m on the run. I see a black hole and realise I have no choice but to fly straight into it. Even though I’m going to die I feel comforted that I’ve saved the universe.

100 word challenge 20, Flame, swimming, celebrate, white, tomorrow- my 46th piece in 2017

The day began with a class excursion to a park that was right next to a beach! Everyone was happily swimming until the bus exploded into flames. Then a man walked from the debris firing a gun at everyone. Everyone was terrified, we thought that we would never see tomorrow. Then I saw a woman at the barrel of the man’s gun! I ran in and helped her to safety. Then I felt a white hot pain in my arm, I was shot! But before the man could fire again I pinned him to the ground, once the cops arrived we all able to celebrate.

Onomatopoeia and alliteration, break in poem- my 45th piece in 2017

Blam goes my deadly gun.

Crash, splash my target falls into the pool.

Boom, Kradoom, my bomb detonates.

Thump, I land inside the vault.

Chunk, ching, the lock falls away.

rattle, goes the bag of jewels as I throw it over my shoulder.

Beep, Bweep, goes my walkie talkie.

“Mission accomplish” I say to my boss