Makey Makey project reflection, my 52nd piece in 2017

We made a new special bin. When this bin is operational, when you drop a piece of trash into it, it makes the sound “you win ten points”.


The purpose of this is to encourage people to throw their rubbish into the bin.


Originally our machine was going to be a vocabulary computer but when we talked it over we found out that it was going to take forever, so we made this.


A challenge we encountered was when all the coding was lost! That really threw us off schedule, but we rebuilt it.


Another thing that I specifically encountered was concentrating. I noticed that multiple times during work that my brain began to wander and I started to get distracted. But each time I notice that, I quickly ask my team if there is something I can help them with.


A success that we are really proud of is when we first got our machine to work. It stopped working soon after but we will get it back up and running again, I’m confident.

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