BTN 12, Electricity can move- my 40th piece in 2017


. Hauksbee machines can generate static electricity.

. The knowledge of that electricity can move has been around for 300 years.

. The modern world’s electric pylons are like Greys experiment 300 years ago.


. Is paper a conductor or insulator?

. Can electricity flow through food?

Insight: Stephen Grey was a very clever man.

BTN.11- Mount Ruapehu, my 36th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about the destruction mount Ruapehu can cause when it erupts.


. Lahar flows can flow to the speed of 100k.

. Storms and other natural disasters can cause volcanic eruptions.

. In 1953 mount Ruapehu erupted and killed 150 people.


. What was mount Ruapehu’s biggest eruption?

. What was mount Ruapehu’s biggest lahar flow?


. Mount Ruapehu is one of the most dangerous volcanos in the southern hemisphere.


BTN 10- Nuclear power, my 26th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about a nuclear explosion that occurred in Japan. The explosion occurred at a nuclear plant right after a tsunami and earthquake hit and many people believe it was these natural disasters that caused the explosion.

Facts: The explosion sent shock waves throughout the world. Most nuclear plants run on a fuel called Uranium. In order to create nuclear radiation they have to put Uranium in the core reactor and treat it a certain way. Questions: What element does uranium have in it that makes a good nuclear fuel? How does radiation effect humans. Insight: nuclear power is a really good power source but it has to be controlled or it could be very deadly.

BTN.9- Comic Books, my 22nd piece in 2017

Summary: this video was about comics and how they evolved into graphic novels. Facts: A graphic novel is just a longer version of a comic book. The first superhero comic was superman comics and the first issue came out in 1938. Lots of teachers and parents are using comics and graphic novels to help with their kids reading and learning. Questions: when did comics turn into graphic novels? How many comics are there approximately in the world? Insight: Comics are one of the most famous type of books in the world.

BTN.8- Australia’s electrical resources, my 20th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about what we use for Australia’s energy, why and what is the government trying to do with it to make in better. Facts: You can use many things for electricity such as sun, water and wind. Coal is 80% of Australia’s electricity source but it is polluting the atmosphere. There is so much coal here in Australia that we send half of it overseas. Questions: Why do we have so much coal in Australia and not so much in other places? What is the main element that burnt coal produces that make it so bad for the environment? Insight: Australia is one of the countries with the most coal in the world.

BTN 7- Inspecting bush fires, my 18th piece in 2016

Summary: This video was about how to find out where and how bushfires can start.



. Bushfires are usually caused by lightning, technology errors or campers forgetting to put out their fires.

. Range finders can measure distances and ground angles.

. The black Saturday bushfire was started by a simple electrical fault.


. How do fire inspectors find the front, back and sides of a bushfire?

. What can one see exactly, through a range finder?


. Fire inspectors are almost exactly like detectives.

BTN.6- Cyclone Debbie, my 16th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about how families in Queensland were affected by cyclone Debbie and how other countries are trying to help them rise up again from the rubble.



. Cyclone Debbie was a category 4 cyclone.

. Cyclone Debbie had 120 miles per hour winds.

.  Cyclone Debbie did so much damage it cost $420.2 million dollars to repair.



. Who were the 2 missing people?

. Are they still rebuilding the damage today?



. Cyclone Debbie is one of the most Catastrophic disasters in history.





BTN.5 Anh Do interview, my 12th piece in 2017

summary: This video was a interview with Anh Do and he talked about how he journeyed to Australia as a kid and how he grew up to be a famous comedian


. Anh Do’s brother was the Australian of the year 2005.

. Anh wrote a book called The Happiest Refugee.

. Anh Do’s whole family had to flee to Australia by boat to get away from the war and stay alive.


. Why did Anh’s dad have to put a whole in the boat?

. Are Anh Do’s parents still alive?


. Anh Do is and his parents or very wise.

BTN.4-Australian federation, my 11th piece in 2017

Summary: This video was about the history of the Australian colonies, the troubles and worries between the colonies and how Australia was formed.


. Australia started to form when the British came and set up colonies.

. There was lots of trouble in early Australia because colonies where afraid that other colonies would try to take over their land.

. In 1900 Australia was truly formed.


. Why weren’t women aloud to vote?

. What happened to Captain Abel Tasman?


. The children and adults think that Australia is a great place to live.

BTN.3- Convict life, my 8th piece in 2017


. In the olden days the stairs were based on footpaths.

. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the Sydney area were the Gadigal people.

. Convicts started building houses in Australia 2 years after the first fleet arrived.


. How much the iron chains that convicts wore did weighed?

. How long did it take for the convicts to build a house in the olden days


. The English didn’t take any chances of the convicts escaping so they made them wear super heavy chains.


. This video was about what life was like for the convicts and the progress of the early settlement of Sydney.