BTN.2- First Fleet, my 6th piece in 2017


. Convict senders first arrived in Australia in 1788.

. Even kids were convicts.

. Lots of people died on the first transport to Australia.


. Why were people so hard on the convicts?

. What were convict children main jobs?


. Court sent people away very quickly

Summary: This video was about how convicts were sent to Australia, the journey itself and how even children were sentence to transportation.


Camp reflection for 2017, my 5th piece in 2017

This was my best camp yet, there was absolutely no downside to it. My dad was one of the parents that came along and was my activity team leader. So I had loads of fun with him and I got to introduce him to all my friends. I also had fun trying all the foods there. My favourite breakfast was the everyday eggs and bacon with solders and apple juice and a bowl of rice bubbles and toast with jam. My favourite lunch was a sandwich that I loaded with vegetables. My favourite dinner was pizza, I had Aussie and a few pieces of garlic bread to go with it. And my favourite dessert I cabin, I was with Ziggy, Oliver, Abraham, Jack.K, Jack.M, Josh.W, Charlie.R and Rowan. I had a lot of good sleeping, gaming, chatting and roasting them (that when they try to embarrass you but you embarrass them instead). In conclusion I believe that this was the best camp I have ever been on, BOO-YAH.

BTN 1- aboriginals, my 4th piece in 2017



. Aboriginals didn’t have the materials we got today.

. Aboriginals used smoke to keep mosquitos away.

. Aboriginals use every part of a kill.


. What did the aboriginals first see whites as?

. Did aboriginals travel in large or small groups?


. The aboriginals were very curious about white lands animals.

SRC speech for 2017, my 3rd piece in 2017

Hello Ant and 5/6C, today I’m going to explain why I think I will be an awesome SRC rep for are amazing class. I have been in SRC for two years now so I have had quite a bit of experience so I know what it’s like and let me tell you it’s challenging but I believe that I’m up for it. Now here are my arguments.

My first argument is that I’m very good at communicating. Last year I was the head of the clubs committee and I did a good job at communicating with everyone. I made shore that everyone got a say and used my words to express how I feel, and I wasn’t afraid to do neither.

My second argument is that I’m a really good leader. I was a good leader of the clubs committee in my option. I didn’t get bossy when someone in my group had a different idea, and this year I also became vice captain for Banks. So with all my experience and on coming practise I will be a better leader than ever before.

My third argument is that I represent the all the school values. I represent respect because I do my best to listen in all my lessons. I represent optimism because I always try to find the bright side in everything. I represent care because I’m very helpful and kind and I represent collaboration because I work with other people well and I don’t just take control of the task.

Thank you for listening and I hope I have persuaded you that I will be an excellent SRC rep for this class.


Letter back to Ant, my 2nd piece in 2017

Dear Ant,

I just want to say that I am really excited about being in your class this year.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Finn and I’m really nice. I’m also creative, optimistic, collaborative and helpful. I have a rambunctious little sister name Alaska. She is really funny (especially at bedtime).

Now let me tell you a bit about my summer holiday. This year I went to Florida and stayed on Sanibel Island. It was paradise, it had a pool, cable TV and it was built on the shore line on the beach. We did so many things there, I saw my grandparents, my uncle, aunt, my little cousin Tucker and his newly adopted 18 year old sister Sage. We also went to the cinema where I saw “Rogue One” and “Sing”. We went biking and canoeing where we saw wild Alligators and we met a new fried named Rachel.

So those were the main highlights of my holiday, now let me tell you some of my goals for this year. Firstly there is to help people more with anything they want, secondly there’s not getting distracted so easily, and thirdly there is controlling myself when my sister is being annoying. (Also my mum really wants me to learn to type without looking at the key board).

I can’t wait for the future events in this year.




Safer internet day, my 1st piece in 2017

In this lecture we learned all about being safe online. We chatted with others and worked in partners to express our Ideas, my partner was Ethan Haigh. We were also shown an example of how dangerous being online can be. It was about a girl who won a cooking contest and got very famous. Soon she was known all over the internet and strangers could have hacked or contacted her and were also saying rude and inappropriate things about her. This was a really good example and a really good listen on how venerable you can be once you get online.


The vanishing mother, my 56th piece in 2016

“Mum, Mum where are you”?! I was screaming as I ran around the house looking for my mother. My name is Trimson. I’m only seven years old and I don’t think that’s old enough for your mother to start vanishing into thin air.

“Mum, this isn’t funny”! I yelled, but I still didn’t hear a response. I went into the kitchen and saw a note pined on the wall. It read, “Dear Trimson, The reason I’m gone is because I’m just going for a jog. Nothing bad happened to me, just get yourself some cereal, Love, your mum.”

“Phew” I sighed as I walked to the cupboard to get a box of honey-tangle cereal and happily ate it thinking nothing could go wrong today.

I stopped thinking this when I heard a scream and I knew right away it was my mother! I ran outside and looked around. I caught a glimpse of my mum being dragged away by a woman dressed all in black. I crept them and I saw the women shove my mum into a dark house. I quickly, delicately and quietly snuck to the window of the house and peeked inside. I saw my mum with her hands tied behind her back and shouting at the woman. There was nothing good about this!

I bolted to a house on the other side of the road. It belonged to a man I knew named Mr Mcdon. I rang the doorbell and Mr Mcdon opened the door. “Hello Trimson” said Mr Mcdon “what’s wrong you look worried”

“I am worried” I said “my mother has been kidnapped”

“Do you know where your mum is being held”? Asked Mr Mcdon “yes” I said. I led him to the house where my mum was being held captive. “Holy cow!” Said Mr Mcdon “I’ll call the police”. Soon the police arrived and arrested the kidnapper!

After two minutes of looking through the crowd I found my mother and gave her a big hug. When I finished telling her the story she said she was so proud of me. “Come on, let’s go get some donuts to celebrate your bravery”

“HORRAY”! “Let’s do it” I yelled with excitement.

Synopsis of coding session, my 55th piece in 2016

Today, we did a session on coding. I learnt about people who made some maigre things in today’s device society using coding. We also played a coding game where you make directions for a robot to go and you have to collect all the stars. I learnt that when you code you have to do as perfectly as you can or it won’t work. I figured this out by doing the robot game and by making codes for you and a partner to follow, my partner was Jared and he was really good at it and was very creative at doing it, I learnt a lot from his and used some of what he did in my own codes. In conclusion the coding session was a great success and I can’t wait to play some of the coding games that were shown to us.

B.T.N 22, my 54th piece in 2016

Facts: people are planning to build machines that will get humans on mars, mars has a third of the gravity power that we had on earth, lots of people think it’s going to take a lot more then what Mus explained to colonize mars. Question: Which part of the mission to mars, Mus thinks will be the hardest. Wondering: I wonder what the world will be like if people were living on mars today.


B.T.N 21, my 53rd piece in 2016

Facts: Asteroids can send out a pulse that can damage things from kilometres, there are lots of things other materials lose in space, comets are made of ice. Questions: Which is fastest out of asteroids, meteors and comets, which meteor strike did the most damage between 1970 and 2016. Wondering: I wonder what the world would be like if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs never hit the earth.