Onomatopoeia and alliteration, break in poem- my 45th piece in 2017

Blam goes my deadly gun.

Crash, splash my target falls into the pool.

Boom, Kradoom, my bomb detonates.

Thump, I land inside the vault.

Chunk, ching, the lock falls away.

rattle, goes the bag of jewels as I throw it over my shoulder.

Beep, Bweep, goes my walkie talkie.

“Mission accomplish” I say to my boss

100 word challenge 17, my holiday at bounce- my 42nd piece in 2017

From my first jump I was exhilarated to the core, I felt like I could do anything on these trampolines.

Spring! Go the trampolines as I jump across them, I could feel the excitement swelling.

Spring after spring after spring you fly, you can do unlimited kinds of tricks.

You can jump super high and reach, maybe even touch a star, bouncing and springing and soaring through the air, is there anything you can’t do on these trampolines?

Unlimited fun, Unlimited Opportunity’s to shine, Bounce I tell you is one of the best places to be