End of year reflection 2017, my 51st piece in 2017

This end of year reflection will be the last for all my primary school years. That’s right! This is my last year of primary school before I go to high school. Last year here was definitely one of my favourite years here and there is so much to tell about it.

One of the things I remember are the camps we all went on. This year we went to camp Bridgewater and my favourite part of it was that my Dad came along as a parent helper. On the same camp we hiked, surfed, played games and played on the beach.

Another thing that happened this year was the projects we did. One of them was the Australian animal or plant adaptation project. My partner Josh and I were assigned the Australian mulga tree and it was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

And finally I really like all the speeches we did, for debates, SRC elections and my personal favourite Valedictorian speeches. I liked doing the Valedictorian speeches the most because I really put my heart and soul into it and it even got me into the top 3 for becoming Valedictorian.

So in conclusion I strongly believe that this final year of primary school was one of my best years of all.



Valedictorian speech, my 50th piece in 2017

Greetings fellow grade 6’s, teachers and parents. My name is Finn Darlington and welcome to the year 6 graduation for 2017. I just want to say that primary school has been an extraordinary journey and I know that I speak for all the students when I say that we could not ask for a better school to be in.

I and every other grade 6 here today have changed so much since we first got here in prep. At first we were small 6 year old preps who were timid and shy, now we are big, strong and courageous and are willing to do what is right no matter what.

There has also been a lot of challenges that have made us the people we are today, from the humongous storm and mosquito invasion of camp Currambine, to our first school concert when we were just grade 1’s. There has also been some things that we have loved through school, such as the multiple excursions we have been on: the aquarium, science works, IMAX and many more. There were also special visits from police, firemen, Helicopters, and there was that special Harry potter week we did for book week when we were in grade 4.

We have also made some mistakes and regrets in our time here. For example when I was in prep I went to the wrong classroom and then lied about it, but when my teachers found out I got in pretty big trouble. Another mistake I made happened just this year when me and my grade 5 partner Ryan had to present a project we were working on but I had to go home because I was sick so Ryan had to do the presentation by himself, which made me feel really bad. Theses mistakes may not have made me very happy but it built my character and I learnt from it. So a word of advice, whenever you make a mistake you should follow these steps: own it, apologise sincerely, fix it, learn from it, let the bad feelings go and give someone a hug.

We have also made some really good achievements. For example every time I have run for SRC rep of my class in my time I have always got it, which I’m really proud of but I stayed humble and didn’t brag about it. Another thing I’m immensely proud of is that I made it into the short list for school captain, I may have lost the position to Charlie but he still did a great job, well done Charlie. I am very proud of these achievements and I hope it’s inspired others to push their limits as well.

We have made friends here that we will keep for the rest of our lives, and I will treasure the memories I have had with my friends for eternity. I also need to thank them for helping me along the way, Charlie Rolfe for always making feel better when I’m down, Indigo Johnson for assisting me well through class and Ziggy Christofides for building my character by jumping out at me from behind the door over and over ….. and over again. These people made me who I am today, thanks guys.

All of my fellow graduates are incredibly talented and I’m 100% sure that every last one of us will grow up to do some incredible things. I believe that Ty when he grows up is going to give Usain Bolt a run for his money, I’m confident that Nicholas will grow up to be a master of technology, and I’m a billion percent convinced that Ryan is going to grow up to be a super funny guy, trust me I’ve heard him shout enough “what are those” to know that he has one whopper of a personality.

I just don’t have my fellow class mates to thank I also have to thank all my teachers through the seven years I have been her from my prep teacher Nicole to my Grade 6 teacher Ant and everyone in between Andrea, Dave and Jude who has now retired but we all remember her strong heart and dark humour and she is going to remain in our hearts forever.

The teachers have all taught us so much, it’s hard to believe that they may never teach us again. I also would like to say good job to the teachers for not just teaching all of us almost everything we know, but the way you taught us was just outstanding. You were strict on us to help get knowledge stuck in our heads but you all also made the learning really fun. In prep you let us relax after a long week of learning with Friday Fun, Friday is not Friday without Friday fun for preps that’s final, period, say no more, end of discussion. We all also liked the educational games you taught us and we all loved how you always put humour into our lessons.

And last but most certainly not least I have to thank my family. My Mum and Dad are both great people and I think without their support I wouldn’t be the person I am today or maybe I wouldn’t even be up here reading my speech to you. They have taught me so much. They helped me be able to control my emotions at a very young age and taught me the basics for writing, reading and other things so I was ready for school. They were also there to comfort me when I was feeling stressed or sad. So I believe this is one of the most important thanks ever, I love you guys.

It’s going to be really hard leaving this place, lots of us are going to lots of different high schools. I even know that a few of us have some sports scholarships, so good job to those people and may your future be sporty. I’m heading off to Mount Alexander College with a couple of other friends such as Nicolas, Martin and Asanta and some others too, but that also means that I will be leaving a bunch of other friends, but I will make sure we stay in contact and I want you to know that you all will be in my heart forever.

Our primary school days have gone on for 7 years but it just feels like 1 day. Graduating makes us feel like we just climbed a huge mountain and yet this is just our first step of life’s journey. A journey this school has prepared us for by instilling in us the values of respect, optimism, caring and collaboration.

So tonight I say good bye to this incredible school, I know I will never forget this place. The memories I have made here are endless and they will never be forgotten. And although the time for us to learn here is over we will always be students of Moonee Ponds Primary School because once an MPPS student always an MPPS student.

Thank you and good night.

Nerf gun heroes- my 41st piece in 2017

“Bop” Jax pulled the trigger of his nerf gun and the bullet flew through the air like a lightning bolt. Jax had the best gun of all, the Zombie Strike Doominator! It had 4 sets of 6 bullet cases so that ends up with 24 bullets and it had rapid fire. He had just shot his friends Darcy and Sam when a huge hoard of monsters came running towards them, Jax’s friend Jack bot such a shock he fired his elite rapid strike at it, then something truly shocking happened, the monster fell to the ground!

As soon as everyone saw this they started firing like crazy at the monsters. Mark was firing his elite crossbolt, Jen was firing his Zombie strike Brainsaw and Chad was firing his customized modulus blaster along with everyone else. Jax was shooting up the most, he slide across the ground grabbed his bullets and shot like an absolute maniac!

After all the monsters had enough and retreated Jax shouted “did you see me I was totally awesome” over and over again “Okay dude we get it settle down” said Sam, but Jax replied “ I’m not going to settle down until everyone realizes how awesome I am” jumping up and down. “We got the message a long time ago said Darcy, “just to be safe” said Jax “I am so… “Jax!” shouted his friend Finn, a really intelligent boy with a lot of wisdom to share “listen bro, you were pretty brave out there but, you shouldn’t brag about it, bragging is for bad people and we know that you are not a bad person.

Finn’s words really got Jax thinking. He thought about all the action back in the battle and he thought about all the things he said. After a while of thinking he turned back to Finn and said “your right Finn, I need to stop bragging and be the good person you guys want me to be”. Finn smiled and they fist bumped, then Troy said “come on lets follow those monsters.

Everyone followed the monsters and they arrived at a small hidden place within some trees. Jax could feel the wind on his cheeks, the smell if the leaves and the spooked feeling in his gut. They found the monsters huddled around a group of smaller monsters, “that’s weird” said Jen, “shh, stay quiet” said Jax. They tried to move in for a closer look but then someone stepped on a twig and it snapped! The sound got the monsters attention and the little monsters ordered them to attack. “Well here we go, charge”! Cried Jax and the battle began.

None of the kids thought that they have been in a more intense nerf gun battle in all their lives. Bullets flew through the air and monsters kept crumbling to the ground. “There are so many, are you sure we can take them”? Asked Finn as he fired his mega Mastodon, “sure we can, we just have to stick together” said Jax. The fight lasted a really long time but the monsters started to close in and knock the guns out of their hands, Jax could feel the feel of grass on his back, the taste of blood in his mouth and the feeling that he will never see the light of day again, “well, nice knowing you guys” Jax said to his friends, then he closed his eyes and waited for the monsters final strike.

“Ha, ha, ha” laughed the small monsters and strangely all the monsters started to back away from them. Everyone stood up confused, “wait, what’s going on”? Asked Chad “you were totally pranked that’s what” and they took of their masks to reveal the faces of all their younger siblings! Everyone gaped and the little ones kept on laughing “we paid some guys to scare you like that and it was so awesome, we would do it again in a second” said Jax little sister Anne who appeared to be leading them, the little ones continued to laugh “ha, ha, he, oh-no” they were so busy laughing that they didn’t notice their older brothers and sisters pick up all the bullets, load their guns and point them at them, “bop”!

The bullets kept pelting the little ones with the bullets so rapidly that they were sure their whole little bodies began to ache. When Jax and his friends ran out of bullets they all let out a big laugh. “Learnt your lesson”? Asked Troy, “mph” said Anne “I think they have said Jax as he high-fived Troy.

Suddenly a large aqua portal opened up beside everyone and a large purple samurai helmet face with horns appeared inside. “You have failed” it bellowed at the little ones “yeah we know, but can you please forgive us”?! Asked Anne terrified. “You know that thing”?! Cried Jax gobsmacked. “Well yeah, he gave as the idea to prank you, and gave us this pretty gem to seal our agreement” said Anne and pulled out a large yellow diamond that sparkled with the glow of the sun. “I’m afraid I can’t accept your apology” said the samurai helmet “guards take them away” it yelled at the bigger monsters and there features melted to reveal half human half demon monsters! “What’s going on said” Anne as the monsters approached “I got some of my minions to pose as humans to keep an eye on you, now take them away” it roared and the demons picked up the little ones and through them over their shoulders.

“Stop” Cried Jax “you can’t do this, their only little”, but the giant samurai helmet shock its head and said “they have failed the quest and I gave them everything they needed, now they shall feel the raphe of the mighty Lord Magmaron”! Then the monsters walked through the portal with their siblings kicking and screaming. “Come on guys we have to save them” yelled Jax as he and everyone else leapt through the portal.

As soon as the friends jumped through the portal they were all surrounded in a crimson light and they could feel themselves falling and falling into it, and then they finally landed in some sort of arena. “Welcome challengers”! Roared Lord Magmaron “I suppose you travelled here for your little friends”? He said as he panted Anne roughly on the head. “Yeah give them back” yelled Jax “I will give them back to you if you can beat my kingdoms finest knights” he shouted as the sides of the arena opened and a hoard of rocky nights raced in. “let the tournament begin”! Roared Magmaron and the fight began.

The fight lasted a whole hour of bullets flying and knights falling but in the end it was the kids who were victorious. “There, we did what you asked now give us back our brothers and sisters” said Jax but Magmaron shock his head “there is one more challenge for you only”! Then some guards grabbed the other kids and pulled them out of the arena, then the back of the arena opened and Jax was horrified of who he had to face, himself.

“Hello” said the evil Jax with a wicked smile, “what’s happening” said Jax confused. “I can tell you what’s going to happen” said evil Jax as he raised his gun “your buts going to be kicked”! He shouted as he shot 3 bullets, they each his Jax in the chest and he fell back. The crowd went wild “did you see that I was totally awesome”! Yelled evil Jax as he fired again at Jax, this time Jax rolled out of the way at fired back, evil Jax dodged and fired some more. The battle lasted a while, “you can’t beat me” shouted evil Jax “I’m so awesome”, but Jax managed to knock his gun out of his hands. “Yeah, so awesome” he said as he fired at evil Jax with rapid fire, using up all of his bullets and when he did evil Jax vaporised.

Jax turned to the lord as his friends joined him, “there, we did your tasks now give us back our siblings”! Magmaron gave an evil smile. “Never”! The kids were stunned “foolish mortals you will never see them again” and he laughed wickedly. Then Jax saw a Shandilya right over the kings head, he grabbed a bullet at his feet, loaded his gun and fired. The bullet hit the Shandilya and it came down right on top of the king, not only killing him but the knocked the little ones down to the kids. After they all hugged, Anne said “okay, let’s get out of here” and handed Jax a portal device she swiped from the king, Jax smiled, opened a portal and they all jumped through.

“Squeeze”! Jax hugged his little sister so tight that it was hard for her to breath. Jax learned a very important lesson from this adventure, nerf guns, dangerous things and being totally awesome may be loads of fun. But if there is one thing more important than all of that it’s friendship and family.

Reflection: In this story a few things I think I did well was that I did lots of different types of things to make the writing better, such as linking my ending back to my beginning, using the power of three and I also though that I did a pretty good turn around in the situations.